What Does Housing Discrimination Look Like?

You May Have Experienced or Witnessed Housing Discrimination

Did You Know?

  • It is illegal for an apartment building owner to assign families with younger children to one particular building.
  • An apartment building owner has the right to reject an applicant because of poor housekeeping habits.
  • An apartment building owner must allow the construction of a wheelchair ramp.
  • Indicating a preference based on religion in advertising an available apartment is illegal.
  • An apartment building owner may not legally reject an applicant with a history of mental illness.
  • A rental application may not be rejected by the landlord because of the applicant's religion.
  • When using a real estate agent, a family may not sell their house only to a white buyer.
  • A real estate agent is not allowed to limit a home search to certain neighborhoods based on the client's race/ethnicity.
  • A loan officer may turn down an applicant because of the applicant's lack of a steady job and income.
  • It is illegal for a loan officer to require higher down payments from Hispanic families in order to get a mortgage.

Are These Statements Familiar?

  • "Are you sure you can afford the rent?"
  • "We don't have units available for people with a disability."
  • "This neighborhood isn't child-friendly."
  • "The apartment I advertised was just rented to another person."
  • "Let me show you a neighborhood where you may feel more comfortable."

Although some of the above-referenced statements may sound common, be wary. They may be excuses to keep you from renting or buying the home of your choice and it may be a violation of the law. Some landlords and housing providers do not make such overt or suspicious statements.