Sample Ballots

Get Your Sample Ballot

Specifically, your ballot according to your current registration information. Visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections, enter your name in required fields. If more than one name appears, select your name, view your voter information and sample ballot. Remember to check the box that states: "I'm not a robot."

Sample Ballots will be listed below when made available.

Sample Ballots by Precinct

Battle Park (BP)
Booker Creek (BC)
Caldwell (CW)
Cameron Park (CP)
Carr (CA)
Carrboro (CB)
Cedar Falls (CF)
Cedar Grove (CG)
Cheeks (CX)
Coker Hills (CH)
Coles Store (CS)
Colonial Heights (CO)
Country Club (CC)
Damascus (DM)
Dogwood Acres (DA)
East Franklin (EA)
Eastside (ES)
Efland (EF)
Eno (E)
Estes Hills (EH)
Glenwood (GL)
Grady Brown (GB)
Greenwood (GR)
Hillsborough (H)
Hogan Farms (HF)
Kings Mill (KM)
Lincoln (LI)
Lions Club (LC)
Mason Farm (MF)
North Carrboro (NC)
Northside (NS)
Orange Grove (OG)
Owasa (OW)
Patterson (PA)
Ridgefield (RF)
St. John (SJ)
St. Marys (SM)
Tolars (TO)
Town Hall (TH)
Weaver Dairy (WD)
Weaver Dairy 
Satellite (WDS)
West Hillsborough (WH)
Westwood (WW)
White Cross (WC)