Efland-Buckhorn-Mebane Access Management Plan

Orange County is currently updating the Efland-Buckhorn-Mebane Access Management Plan (E-B-M AMP). This website provides information on the plan and its planning process. It also encourages the public involvement throughout the process.

Draft Efland-Buckhorn-Mebane Access Management Plan

Planning Area

The E-B-M AMP encompasses 4.25 square miles along I-85/I-40 between Efland and Mebane. It is bounded by:

  • East: I-85/US-70 Connector
  • North: U.S. Highway 70
  • South: West Ten Road/Bowman Road
  • West: Ben Wilson Road

Community Meeting

On August 28, 2018 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm, Orange County Planning Department held a Community Meeting at Gravelly Hill Middle School, located within the planning area. Extensive outreach was done to get the public involved in the planning process. Here is all the information presented at the meeting.

Planning Process

This plan is updated through:

  • Community Meeting + Planning Board + Orange Unified Transportation Board + Board of County Commissioners

Notices will be mailed out to property owners within 500 feet of the planning area for the Planning Board, and the public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners.

Submit comments, suggestions, questions, ect to:
Nishith Trivedi, Orange County Transportation Planner
ntrivedi@orangecountync.gov or Phone: (919)245-2582
131 W. Margaret Lane, Suite 201, Hillsborough