Current Interest Projects

Conventional District Rezoning Application – Northeast Corner of Forrest Avenue 

and Efland - Cedar Grove Road, Efland - 

  • Case Number: MA22-0001
  • Parcel ID: 9844887024
  • Acreage:  2.32 acres
  • Current Zoning: R-1 (Rural Residential); Major Transportation Corridor (MTC) Overlay District; and Efland Village Overlay District
  • Requested Zoning: I-2 (Medium Industrial); Major Transportation Corridor (MTC) Overlay District; and Efland Village Overlay District
  • Watershed: Upper Eno Protected Watershed Protection Overlay
  • Township: Cheeks                   

An application to rezone the parcel identified above has been received by the Orange County Planning Department and it has been assigned case number MA22-0001.  Interested parties can access information on the project utilizing the Permit Information Portal (PIP) using this link here:  Click here to access our portal.  Simply enter the project case number (MA22-0001) in the ‘search’ screen and you will be able to access available document(s) and review status.   

A conventional rezoning application does not require submission of a site plan.  The general map the applicant submitted is available for viewing here


The parcel is located within the Commercial-Industrial Transition Activity Node (CITAN) as defined within the adopted 2030 Orange County Comprehensive Plan.  Parcels within the CITAN are typically located near major transportation routes (i.e. Interstates and major highways), could be provided with public water and wastewater services, and are considered appropriate for development of a full range of commercial and industrial land uses.

TIMELINE FOR REVIEW:  The anticipated public review schedule for this conventional rezoning application is as follows:  

Planning Board Review and Recommendation:  June 1, 2022
NOTE:  in accordance with Section 2.8.7 of the Unified Development Ordinance, notifications to property owners within 1,000 feet of the parcel requested for rezoning will be mailed by May 20, 2022.

 Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing:  anticipated for September 6, 2022

 If you have general questions, please email staff at:

WITHDRAWN - Special Use Permit Application – 199’ Telecommunications Tower at 3606 Edmund Latta 


  • Case Number: SUP22-0002
  • Parcel ID: 9877-82-3996
  • Acreage:  41.79
  • Zoning: (AR) Agricultural Residential
  • Watershed: Little River Protected Watershed Protection Overlay
  • Township: Little River     

Special Use Permit Application can be viewed Here

A page from the submitted site plans depicting the location of the proposed tower on the parcel is available here

Special Use Permits are reviewed by the Orange County Board of Adjustment in a “quasi-judicial” format.  A fact sheet regarding Special Use Permits is available at The Board of Adjustment is expected to hear this case at its meeting on April 11, 2022; however, the applicant requested a delay to May 9, 2022 BOA meeting date.

A Neighborhood Information Meeting and balloon test was held on Tuesday, February, 15, 2022 at the site (3606 Edmund Latta Road, Hillsborough).

 Zoning Compliance Permit and Site Plan Review – Efland Industrial

  • Case Number: SPR21-0006
  • Parcel ID: 9854161576 and 9854363711
  • Acreage:  Approximately 100 acres
  • Zoning: Office, Research and Manufacturing (ORM); Major Transportation Corridor (MTC) Overlay District; and Efland Interstate Overlay District
  • Watershed: Upper Eno Protected Watershed Protection Overlay
  • Township: Cheeks                   

On September 15, 2021, staff accepted a non-residential Zoning Compliance Permit (ZCP) application and site plan proposing the development of the Efland Industrial Park.   The project was assigned case number SPR21-0006.

Development involves two parcels of property totaling approximately 100 acres in the Cheeks Township of the County, further identified utilizing Orange County Parcel Identification Numbers (PINs) 9854161576 and 9854363711: