Current Interest Projects

Eno Economic Development District (EDD)

Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendments and

Zoning Atlas Amendments (rezoning)


 At its September 14, 2021 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) initiated amendments to the to the County’s Comprehensive Plan (Future Land Use Map) and the Zoning Atlas within the existing Eno EDD and directed staff to proceed with the amendments.  Video of the meeting is available for viewing at: (agenda item 6.b).

 The following amendments are proposed:

Future Land Use Map Amendments

 Change the designation of 112.2 acres (comprised of 34 parcels) from “Economic Development” to “10-year Transition”.  (10-Year Transition is a land use classification primarily for residential uses).

Zoning Atlas Amendments

Change the zoning of 112.2 acres (comprised of 34 parcels) from EDE-1 (Economic Development Eno Lower Intensity) to R-1 (Rural Residential).  Existing overlay districts (Watershed Protection and Major Transportation Corridor [MTC]) are proposed to remain as they are currently designated (no change to overlay districts).