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Major Subdivision Concept Plan Application: SUB21-0017 (Pyewacket)

Parcel ID:         9757-51-3504

Acreage:          70.89 acres

Watershed:      Haw River Protected

Location:          South of the T-junction of Jones Ferry Road and Ferguson Road at the Orange/Chatham County line


This proposal is considered a “major subdivision” because it proposes to dedicate a new public road.


The application proposes to create 9.24 acres of open space and a public road, Woodstock Lane, off of Jones Ferry Road in Orange County. The road and open space will serve the Pyewacket subdivision in Chatham County. All habitable subdivision lots in the Pyewacket subdivision will be on the Chatham County side.


There will be an online Neighborhood Information Meeting (NIM) so citizens can get more information on this application:


Date:                Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Time:               6:30 pm

Access online:

Or call in:         1 (646) 749-3122 (access code 691-676-957)


After the NIM, this proposal will go on to the Orange County Planning Board for review. Staff will update this website when that meeting is scheduled. Please contact Molly Boyle, Planner II, with any questions (919-245-2599 or 

Pyewacket Concept Plan

Site Assessment

Array Subdivision SUB20-0016

Major elements of the proposed subdivision are as follows:

Orange County Planner:                             Molly Boyle, Planner II

Applicant:                                                    Jodi Bakst, Real Estate Experts

Owner:                                                          Stephen and Sharon Burt

Property ID Numbers (PINs):                      9840-43-5353; and 9840-33-0969

Total Property Size:                                      55.58 acres 

Location:                                                       Orange Grove Road (north of Fern Creek Lane)

Zoning:                                                          Rural Residential (R-1)

Watershed:                                                   Not in a protected or critical watershed

 The Subdivision Proposes:

  • 12 new single-family residential lots (with one additional 13th lot via recombination); 
  • 56% (31.1 acres) of the site held in Open Space to be held and maintained a HOA;
  • Single-family lots ranging in size from 1.4 - 2.2 acres; and 
  • One lot with access via Orange Grove Road, and 12 lots accessed via a new private road (Class A with 18 feet wide road with gravel and/or asphalt within a 50 Foot wide right-of-way).

19-018 C3-0 2020-06-26

Site Assessment 

NIM Notice

Final Map Based on Wetlands Determination


19-018 X-C Color Site Plan 2020-06-29