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5307 Public Hearing Notice

Public Hearing Notice  FY22 5307_English


This is to inform the public that a public hearing will be held on the proposed Orange County Small and Large Urban Program Applications to be submitted to the North Carolina Department of Transportation no later than September 15, 2021. The public hearing will be held on September 14, 2021 at 7:00 pm before the Orange County Board of County Commissioners at Virtual Meeting Session.

Those interested in attending the public hearing and needing either auxiliary aids and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or a language translator should contact TeLeishia Holloway on or before September 9, 2021, at telephone number 919.245.2002 or via email at

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Esto es para informar al público que se llevará a cabo una audiencia pública sobre las Solicitudes propuestas para el Programa de Transporte de Área Urbanizada Pequeña y Grande del Condado de Orange que se presentará al Departamento de Transporte de Carolina del Norte a más tardar el 15 de septiembre de 2021. La audiencia pública se llevará a cabo el 14 de septiembre de 2021 a las 7:00 pm ante la Junta de Comisionados del Condado de Orange en el Sesion de reunión virtual.

Las personas interesadas en asistir a la audiencia pública y que necesiten ayuda y servicios auxiliares según la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades (ADA) o un traductor de idiomas deben comunicarse con Teleishia Holloway el 9 de septiembre de 2021 o antes, al número de teléfono 919.245.2002 o por correo electrónico a

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Monday, September 6, 2021

Orange County Public Transportation administrative and dispatch offices will be closed.

 Hillsborough Circulator – No Service

 Orange-Chapel Hill Midday Shuttle – No Service

 Orange-Alamance Midday Shuttle – No Service

 OCPT will operate limited service serving the in-county dialysis route only (Carolina Dialysis). 

 Full service will resume Tuesday, September 7.

 In order to provide two working day notice for scheduling, trip requests for Tuesday, September 7th must be received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday September 2nd

Spanish_OCPT_Closures_LABOR DAY_ALERTA PARA LOS PASAJEROS_dia labroal 2021

DIA LABORAL Lunes 6 de septiembre de 2021

 Las oficinas administrativas y de despacho del Transporte Público del Condado de Orange estarán cerradas.

Circulador de Hillsborough - Sin Servicio

Orange-Chapel Hill Servicio Al mediodía -  Sin Servicio

Orange-Alamance Servicio Al mediodía -  Sin Servicio

OCPT operará un servicio limitado que atiende la ruta de diálisis dentro del condado solamente (Carolina Dialysis).

El servicio completo se reanudará el martes 7 de septiembre.

Con el fin de proporcionar un aviso de dos días hábiles para la programación, las solicitudes de viaje para el martes 7 de septiembre deben recibirse antes de las 5:00 p.m. jueves 2 de septiembre.

Transportation Security Administration requires proper wearing of face masks at all times


Federal law requires individuals to wear a mask when traveling on public transportation. 

Masks must completely cover the nose and mouth of the wearer. The use of face shields alone is not sufficient, but can be used in addition to a mask. Passengers without a mask may be denied entry, boarding, or continued transport. Failure to comply with the mask requirement can result in civil penalties. 

See the Transportation Security Administration's announcement for more information.

The safety of our riders, our operators, and our community is our highest priority. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

The following are attributes of masks needed to fulfill the requirements of the federal order. This section will be updated to reflect CDC guidance as needed:

  • A properly worn mask completely covers the nose and mouth. 
  • Cloth masks should be made with two or more layers of a breathable fabric that is tightly woven (i.e., fabrics that do not let light pass through when held up to a light source). 
  • Mask should be secured to the head with ties, ear loops, or elastic bands that go behind the head. If gaiters are worn, they should have two layers of fabric or be folded to make two layers. 
  • Mask should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face. 
  • Mask should be a solid piece of material without slits, exhalation valves, or punctures. 

The following attributes are additionally acceptable as long as masks meet the requirements above:

  • Masks can be either manufactured or homemade. 
  • Masks can be reusable or disposable. 
  • Masks can have inner filter pockets. 
  • Clear masks or cloth masks with a clear plastic panel may be used to facilitate communication with people who are hearing impaired or others who need to see a speaker’s mouth to understand speech. 
  • Medical masks and N-95 respirators fulfill the requirements of the Order. 

The following DO NOT fulfill the requirements of the Order.

  • Masks worn in a way that does not cover both the mouth and nose 
  • Face shields or goggles (face shields or goggles may be worn to supplement a mask that meets above required attributes)
  • Scarves, ski masks, balaclavas, or bandannas 
  • Shirt or sweater collars (e.g., turtleneck collars) pulled up over the mouth and nose. 
  • Masks made from loosely woven fabric or that are knitted, i.e., fabrics that let light pass through 
  • Masks made from materials that are hard to breathe through (such as vinyl, plastic or leather) 
  • Masks containing slits, exhalation valves, or punctures 
  • Masks that do not fit properly (large gaps, too loose or too tight) 

Additional guidance on the use of masks to slow the spread of COVID-19 is available on CDC’s website.

2020 Transit Photo

The Orange County Transit Plan 2020 is under development. Check out the project's website for details about the planning process and how you can get involved,

A Virtual Transit Summit was held October 1, 2020 to identity priorities and goals for the plan. Visit for the meeting recording, presentation materials, summary, and more.

  1. Public Comment Information
  2. Instrucciones para Comentario Público

Orange County Board of Commissioners' meetings and work sessions are available via live streaming video at and Orange County Gov-TV on channels 1301 or 97.6 (Spectrum Cable)

Public Comment – Written 

(for Items not on the Agenda, Agenda Items and Public Hearings)


Members of the public may provide written public comment by submitting it to the email address by 3:00 PM on the afternoon of the meeting. 


When submitting the comment, include the following: 

  • The date of the meeting
  • The agenda item (example: 6-a) you wish to comment on 
  • Your name, address, email and phone number


The Orange County Board of Commissioners, County Manager, County Attorney and Clerk to the Board, will be copied on all of the emails that are submitted. 


Public Comment – Verbal 

(for Items not on the Agenda, Agenda Items and Public Hearings)


Members of the public will be asked to contact the Clerk to the Board using the email address no later than 3:00 PM on the day of the meeting and indicate they wish to speak during the meeting. 


When submitting the request to speak, include the following: 

  • The date of the meeting
  • The agenda item (example: 6-a) you wish to speak on 
  • Your name, address, email and phone number
  • The phone number must be the number you plan to call in from if participating by phone 

Prior to the meeting, speakers will be emailed a participant link to be able to make comments during the live meeting. Speakers may use a computer (with camera and/or microphone) or phone to make comments.  Speakers using the phone for comments must use the provided PIN/Password number. 


The public speaker’s audio and video will be muted until the BOCC gets to the respective agenda item(s). Individuals who have pre-registered will then be brought into the public portion of the meeting one at a time.


If a member of the public encounters any concerns prior to or during the meeting related to speaking, please contact Greg Wilder at 919-245-2314.


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Get on Board Public Transit


NC MOVES: Strategic Transportation Plan