Inspections service changes

  • Office Hours: The office is closed to the general public. Staff will be primarily working at home and in the field from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If making your permit payments call (919) 245-2600 to pay with credit card.
  • Meetings: Meeting are avoided. Correspondence and communication will be occurring by phone or email.
  • Plan Review: Residential reviews are performed electronically by reviewer working from home. Commercial projects are reviewed in office by Chief Building Official, one physical set of plan documents are needed for review.
  • Fee Payment: Payment by credit card will be processed by phone only. Cash payments cannot be accepted at this time, Checks are discouraged, please make all payments by credit card.
  • Check Submittal: Payment of cash, credit card and checks are processed in office. Customers are encouraged to pay by credit card over the phone. In person payments are to be scheduled.
  • Permits: Submission and processing of permit documents are through electronic and remote means. Submission of large format plan documents are to be coordinated with plans examiner or property development specialist.
  • Preconstruction Meeting: Not being scheduled until after this crisis abates.
  • Inspections: Requests for inspection are taken by calling 919-245-2600. Please identify when scheduling if inspection is to be performed in an occupied building. Inspectors are working remotely from home and vehicles. All inspections are scheduled for the next business day. Coordinate any specific inspection need with the inspector himself.


Please use the numbers or emails listed

*These numbers are forwarded to their mobile numbers.

**These emails receive application and document submissions

Statutorily required

  • General Statute 143-139 mandates code enforcement inspections be performed within 2 business days of being requested.
  • General Statute 153A-357(a1) requires Residential plans to be initially reviewed within 15 days of submission.