Filing for Office

February 24 (8 am) - March 4 (noon)
Candidate Filing Resumes

Due to COVID precautions, please complete your forms and bring them with you when you file. 

The campaign finance forms you will need can be found here:

New Candidate Under Threshold (anticipate spending LESS than $1000 running for office)

New Candidate Over Threshold (anticipate spending MORE than $1000 running for office)

Notices of Candidacy may not be delivered by surrogates or staff.

Campaign Finance Manual

Review the Signage Requirements:
Neither the county boards nor the State Board regulates the placement of signage except at polling sites. Signs fall under N.C.G.S. § 136-32 and are under the purview of the Department of Transportation or the individual municipality. In terms of signs on private property, that is the purview of the property owner and possibly their HOA if one exists. Review the signage requirement guidelines at the Littering Statutes Filing Fact Sheet (PDF).