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Animal Services is merely a resource for information and/or referral when it comes to most wildlife. Only potential rabies cases and cases where there is a matter of public safety should be handled directly through Animal Services.  Other wildlife matters should be directed to one of the area wildlife organizations through the information listed below.

For wildlife emergencies involving humans, please call 911.  Most animals can bite or claw and may harbor illnesses which can be transmitted to people, including rabies. We recommend contacting a wildlife resource regarding your concern with any wild animals. 

Feeding wildlife (of any species) can be particularly dangerous for all involved. 

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Injured & Orphaned Wildlife

Nuisance Wildlife Resources

Wildlife Species Information

Informational Wildlife Flyers

Deceased Wildlife

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For resources relating to Coyotes, visit our Coyote Page.

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife Resources

Many orphaned animals are purposely left by their mothers for many hours of the day.  If you have found what appears to be an abandoned or needy animal, check with one of the area wildlife rehabilitation services BEFORE touching or removing the animal.

  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (919-707-0201) has information on nuisance wildlife, trapping, relocating wildlife within North Carolina and contact information for local wildlife rehabilitators. For ill or injured wildlife, call them at 1-800-662-7137.
    • Injured Deer or Black Bear
      The Wildlife Enforcement Division should be called in the case of injured deer or black bear at 1-800-662-7137.
    • Injured Endangered/Threatened Species
      If the injured animal can be identified as an endangered or threatened species, contact the Wildlife Enforcement Division at 1-800-662-7137, or 919-707-0040 or the US Fish and Wildlife Service at 919-856-4786.

    • To speak with an enforcement officer, call the enforcement division or contact:

      Jason M. Allen, Wildlife Biologist

      N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, District  5 at 336-524-9801 or

  • Creative Learning About Wildlife Species (CLAWS)(919-619-0776) can assist withrehabilitation and information.
  • Turtle Rescue Team is part of NC State's College of Veterinary Medicine and provides medical and husbandry care for sick and injured wild turtles, reptiles, and amphibians in the hopes of returning them to their natural habitat. 
  • Wildlife Welfare (919-387-1662) offers information and instructions regarding abandoned or injured wildlife.deer photo


Nuisance Wildlife Resources

Animal Services does not generally deal with nuisance wildlife.  Services are available from companies specializing in pest or critter control.  Many wildlife "problems" can be prevented by some straightforward steps identified in resources listed below. 

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Wildlife Species Information

Information has been provided by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission on many NC species and how to handle coexisting with them.  Click here to view a listing of species resources.

Also, you may contact a state wildlife biologist about specific species or other wildlife matters.

Jason M. Allen, Wildlife Biologist

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, District  5

336-524-9801 or


Informational Wildlife Flyers

Click on any of the links below forinformational wildlife flyers provided by CLAWS, Inc.  

fox photo

Baby Deer- is it injured or supposed to be alone?     

Baby Birds- Should it be in a nest? 

Baby Birds- Don't feed worms!  

Type of Raptor- does it belong in a nest?

Feeding Baby Wildlife-Read Before You Feed!    

Feeding Wildlife in Your Yard

Evacuation of Wildlife    

What to do if You Find A Trapped Animal   

Mowing Dangers for Wildlife- Baby Bunny Flyer & General Mowing for Yard Animals       


Deceased Wildlife Resources

If you have found wildlife that is inside Orange County and already deceased, the following resources are available for assistance or removal.

  • For animals in or beside a roadway, the Department of Transportation should be notified to safely remove them.

Dead Animal Pick Up

    • Hillsborough City: 919-732-1270
    • Unincorporated Orange County: 919-732-4330
    • Chapel Hill: 919-969-5100
    • Carrboro: 919-918-7425
  • For animals that are on private property or more than 50 feet from a road, citizens should either bury them or call the Department of Transportation to inquire about other possible disposal options.

Animal Services does not provide this service.


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