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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the public get assistance with the Orange County website?

The Orange County website has been designed using technologies that ensure it is accessable to a wide variety of citizens using a wide range of technologies. If there are specific issues concerning a webpage, you can click the link in the lower right corner of each webpage, which enables you to contact the webmaster for that page. If there is a general issue concerning the Orange County website, please contact the Chief Information Officer by email or phone (919-245-2280).

How can the public obtain information about current events?

See the County's Hot Topics webpage , the County's News Releases and the Calendar of Events for an overview of County events.

You may contact the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners by email or phone (919-245-2130) to learn about current activities within the County. The office of Information Technologies, however, deals with computing infrastructure.

How can vendors alert Information Technologies to new products and technologies?

The Information Technology department is always eager to learn about new products and technologies. However, with the sheer volume of unsolicited sales calls, we prefer vendors to contact us by email, rather than by telephone or unscheduled visits, so that we may peruse these offerings more effectively.

What information is considered public record?

The public is entitled to access County information as specified by the North Carolina General Statute GS 132-1, under conditions specified by North Carolina General Statute GS 132-6 with exceptions for:

  • county personnel records
  • specific attorney client records
  • basic social service records
  • medical and patient records
  • specific law enforcement records
  • specified records conerning industrial development
  • and others as specified by the North Carolina General Statutes

How can the public obtain copies of public information?

Orange County Information Technologies does not directly handle these requests. Typically, the department that serves as stewards of the information in question handles the request and engages Information Technologies to fulfill it. Please contact the department that collects and maintains that information to request access to it.