Assembly of Governments

September 29, 2004

7:30 10:00 p.m.

Southern Human Services Center

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Agenda and Background information in PDF format (large file)


  1. Briefing on Downtown Economic Development Initiative (Town of Chapel Hill) (7:30 7:50)


  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Action Plan (Orange County ERCD and Towns) (7:50 8:15)


  1. Morgan & Little Creeks Local Watershed Planning Initiative (North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources - Ecosystem Enhancement Program/Orange County Planning and ERCD) (8:15 8:45)


  1. Identification of School Site Locations with Towns (Orange County Planning and Towns) (8:45 9:10)


  1. Update on Orange County Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element and Transfer of Development Rights Activities (Orange County Planning) (9:10 9:30)


  1. Potential Reports (limited or no presentations) (9:30 10:00)


a.            Unfunded Mandates (Orange County)


b.            School Resource Officers (Orange County)