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Regular Meeting
Tuesday, November 16, 2004
5:30 p.m. - CLOSED SESSION
7:30 p.m. - Regular Agenda
Southern Human Services Center
2501 Homestead Rd. 
Chapel Hill, NC

Note: Background Material on all abstracts available in the Clerk's Office

COMPLIANCE WITH THE "AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT" - interpreter services and/or special sound equipment are available with prior notice.  If you need this assistance, call the County Clerk's office at 732-8181, ext. 2130.  If you are disabled and need assistance, contact the ADA Coordinator at extension 2300 or TDD# 644-3045.  

ESTIMATED TIMES LISTED AFTER EACH ITEM - these are approximate times.  Citizens are encouraged to be at the meeting at the starting time.  The Board usually considers items in the order listed and proceeds at a steady pace.  As a courtesy to others, speakers are asked to limit their comments to three minutes.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON AGENDA ITEMS - is available in the Clerk's office and complete copies of agenda material are located at the Orange County Library in Hillsborough and the Chapel Hill Library in Chapel Hill.  

1.  Additions or Changes to the Agenda (7:30-7:35)


The Board of Commissioners pledges to the citizens of Orange County its respect. The Board asks its citizens to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Board and with fellow citizens.  At any time should any member of the Board or any citizen fail to observe this public charge, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until such time that a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed.

2.  Public Comments (7:35-7:45)

(We would appreciate you signing the pad ahead of time so that you are not overlooked.)

a.         Matters not on the Printed Agenda

b.         Matters on the Printed Agenda

(These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.)

3.  Board Comments (7:45-8:00)

4.  County Manager's Report (8:00-8:05)

5.  Items for Decision--Consent Agenda (8:05-8:15)

a.         Minutes

The Board will correct and/or approve the minutes as submitted by the Clerk to the Board for meetings on October 5 and 19, 2004. 

b.         Appointments

(1)      Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee (ACHCAC) - One Reappointment

The Board will consider one reappointment to the Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee. 

c.         Motor Vehicle Property Tax Release/Refunds

The Board will consider adoption of a refund resolution related to 90 requests for motor vehicle property tax releases or refunds in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes. 

d.         Classification Plan Amendment - IT Operations Supervisor

The Board will consider amending the Orange County Classification and Pay Plan to change the existing class of Information Systems Director at Salary Grade 29 to IT (Information Technology) Operations Supervisor at Salary Grade 24.  The hiring range for Grade 24 is $52,335 - $68,000. 

e.         Acceptance of Grant Allocation from the Department of Homeland Security - State Homeland Security Grant Program

The Board will consider accepting a State pass-through grant allocation of federal Homeland Security funds in the amount of  $236,868.34 to reimburse Orange County for the purchase of equipment associated with homeland security activities of the County, its municipalities, and the University; authorize the Manager to sign the Memorandum of Agreement; Authorize the Manager to sign the Assurances of Participation; authorize the Manager to identify Rod Visser, Interim Director of Emergency Management, as the Designated Agent under Annex B; and authorize the Manager to identify Eric Griffin, Emergency Management Specialist, as the Point of Contact under Annex B. 

f.          Recycling Education Grant Award

The Board will consider accepting a $10,000 grant from the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (NCDPPEA) to conduct public education in recycling and waste reduction and authorize the Chair to sign the agreement, subject to final review by Staff and the County Attorney. 

g.         Approval of Financing Arrangement for Orange Rural Fire Department No. 1, Inc. to Purchase a Replacement Fire Truck

The Board will consider approving a request from Orange Rural Fire Department No. 1, Inc. to enter into a financing arrangement to purchase a fire truck and authorize the Chair to sign the appropriate financing documents. 

h.         Orange County Landfill Engineering Services Agreement Renewal

The Board will consider renewing an agreement between the Solid Waste Department and Draper Aden Associates for engineering and consulting services at the Orange County Landfill through December 31, 2007 and authorize the Chair to sign, subject to final review by Staff and the County Attorney. 

i.           Budget Amendment #5

The Board will consider approving budget ordinance amendments for fiscal year 2004-05. 

j.           Housing Rehabilitation Contract Award

The Board will consider awarding two housing rehabilitation contracts for the CDBG Scattered Site Housing Rehabilitation Program. 

k.        Impact Fee Reimbursement

The Board will consider approving the impact fee reimbursement request from Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, NC, Inc. for $12,000 for four new homes.

l.           Section 8 Housing Program Administrative Plan

The Board will consider adopting a resolutio9n approving a revision to the Administrative Plan for the Orange County Section 8 Housing Program to include the Project-Based Voucher Program Policy. 

m.       Contract for Topographic Survey of Fairview Park

The Board will consider awarding a contract to Summit Consulting Engineers for a survey of topography on the 67-acre property  owned by Orange County and the Town of Hillsborough for an expansion of Fairview Park, and authorize the Chair to sign, subject to final review by Staff and the County Attorney. 

n.         Fairview Master Plan - Memorandum of Agreement

The Board will consider adopting a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the County and Town of Hillsborough regarding the master planning and design of Fairview Park and associated land and facilities and authorize the Clerk's Office to recruit Work Group volunteers. 

o.         Resolution Petitioning the North Carolina General Assembly to Establish Adequate and Reliable Funding of Public Schools

The Board will consider adopting a joint resolution that petitions the General Assembly to establish adequate and reliable funding of public schools in the Triangle and throughout the State of North Carolina and authorize the Chair to sign. 

6.  Resolutions or Proclamations (8:15-8:55)

a.         Resolution of Approval and Acceptance of Grant - Agricultural Conservation Easement with Ira and Hazel Ward

The Board will consider a resolution to approve the acceptance by Orange County of an agricultural conservation easement from Ira and Hazel Ward, and acceptance of a $210,750 grant from the federal Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program, and authorize the Chair and Clerk to sign, subject to final review by Staff and the County Attorney, with a closing and recordation of the document expected to occur by December 31, 2004. 

b.         School/County Capital Funding  

(PowerPoint Presentation)

The Board will consider a draft resolution governing the expenditure of capital funds on Orange County Government and public school facilities.    

7.  Special Presentations (8:55-9:20)

a.         Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools "Opening of School" Report

The Board will review and discuss information about student enrollment and withdrawals fro the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. 

b.         2003-2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The Board will receive the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Single Audit Report for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2004. 

8.  Public Hearings (9:20-9:45)

a.         Public Hearings for EMS & Rescue Franchise Agreements (& First Reading)

The Board will conduct a public hearing on granting proposed ambulance franchise agreements by ordinance to the two active volunteer rescue squads in the County, and to consider approving these agreements on first reading. 

b.         North Carolina Community Transportation Program (CTP) Administrative and Capital Grant Application for FY2005-2006

The Board will conduct a public hearing on the North Carolina Community Transportation Program (CTP) grant application by Orange Public Transportation for FY 2005-2006, approve the grant application in the total amount of $223,086, and approve a Transportation Memorandum of Understanding authorizing the application and entering into agreement the North Carolina Department of Transportation for all necessary assurances, and authorize the Chair to sign the memorandum. 

9.  Items for Decision--Regular Agenda

a.         Twin Creeks Park - Follow-up Report and Potential Decisions (9:45-10:00)

The Board will consider a report on the Twin Creeks (Moniese Nomp) Park and Educational Campus project, with possible decision points and consider adoption of a Master Plan. 

b.         Options for Access to Weather and Emergency Information at the Government Services Center (10:00-10:15)

The Board will consider options for securing access to weather and news information on the television located in the large meeting room at the Government Services Center and provide Staff with direction. 

c.         Appointments (10:15-10:20)

(1)         Orange County Planning Board

The Board will consider making new appointments to the Orange County Planning Board. 

10.  Reports

11.  Closed Session (5:30-6:30)

a.         Pursuant to G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3) "to consult with an attorney retained by the Board in order to preserve the attorney-client privilege between the attorney and the Board."

b.         Pursuant to G.S. 143-318.11(a)(4) "to discuss matters relating to the location and expansion of a business in Orange County...".

12.  Adjournment

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