BOCC Work Session

September 13, 2005

Meeting 7:30 p.m.

Government Services Center

Hillsborough, NC


(7:30 7:35) 1. Change in BOCC Meeting Schedule

(7:35 7:45) 2. Appointments

a.       Arts Commission New Appointments

b.      Advisory Board on Aging Two New Appointments

c.       Economic Development Commission (EDC) One New Appointment

d.      Historic Preservation Commission One New Appointment

e.       Recreation and Parks Advisory Council (RPAC) New Appointments

f.        Transfer of Development Rights Taskforce New Appointments

g.       Carrboro NTA Advisory Board One New Appointment

h.       Orange County Planning Board Two New Appointments


(7:45 - 9:00) 3. Fiscal Year 2005-06 Budget Follow-up

         Recommended Reductions/Savings/Efficiencies/Revenue Enhancements to Achieve the $500,000 Operating Budget Reduction

         Expenditure Trends Medicaid, Health Insurance, Energy/Utilities

         State Budget Impacts

         School/Park Reserve Fund Interest

         Anticipated Fiscal Year 2006-07 Budget Drivers

         County Funding to Outside Agencies Benefitting the School Systems

         Report on Long Term Temporary Employees

(9:00 10:00) 4. Capital Funding Matters