Orange County Board of Commissioners

Meeting Agenda
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Regular Meeting
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
7:00 p.m. 
F. Gordon Battle Courtroom
106 East Margaret Lane  
Hillsborough, NC

Note: Background Material on all abstracts available in the Clerk's Office

COMPLIANCE WITH THE "AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT" - Interpreter services and/or special sound equipment are available with prior notice.  If you need this assistance, call the County Clerk's office at 732-8181, ext. 2130.  If you are disabled and need assistance, contact the ADA Coordinator at extension 2300 or TDD# 644-3045.  

ESTIMATED TIMES LISTED AFTER EACH ITEM - these are approximate times.  Citizens are encouraged to be at the meeting at the starting time.  The Board usually considers items in the order listed and proceeds at a steady pace.  As a courtesy to others, speakers are asked to limit their comments to three minutes.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON AGENDA ITEMS - is available in the Clerk's office and complete copies of agenda material are located at the Orange County Library in Hillsborough and the Chapel Hill Library in Chapel Hill.  

1.  Additions or Changes to the Agenda


The Board of Commissioners pledges to the citizens of Orange County its respect. The Board asks its citizens to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Board and with fellow citizens.  At any time should any member of the Board or any citizen fail to observe this public charge, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until such time that a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed.  All electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, and computers should please be turned off or set to silent/vibrate.

2.  Public Comments

(We would appreciate you signing the pad ahead of time so that you are not overlooked.)

a.         Matters not on the Printed Agenda

b.         Matters on the Printed Agenda

(These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.)

3.  Board Comments

4.  County Manager's Report

5.  Items for Decision--Consent Agenda

a.      Minutes

The Board will consider correcting and/or approving the minutes from June 27, August 22, 28, and 31, 2006 as submitted by the Clerk to the Board.   

b.      Appointments - None

c.       Property Tax Releases

The Board will consider adoption of a resolution to release property values related to seven (7) requests for property tax releases in accordance with N.C. General Statute 105-381. 

d.      Property Value Changes

The Board will consider approving value changes made in property values after the 2006 Board of Equalization and Review has adjourned. 

e.      Employee Health Insurance for 2007

The Board will consider renewal of employee health insurance plans through the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Health Insurance Trust effective January 1, 2007

f.        Employee Dental Insurance for 2007

The Board will consider an increase in employee dental insurance rates effective January 1, 2007, and authorize the Personnel Director to sign the Contract with Delta Dental for Plan administrative services. 

g.      Petition for Addition of Subdivision Roads to the State Maintained System

The Board will consider a recommendation regarding petitions to add Ezekiel Peppers Trail and Jubilee Drive to the State Maintained Secondary Road System. 

h.      Budget Amendment #3

The Board will consider approving budget and grant project ordinance amendments for fiscal year 2006-07. 

i.        Bid Award: Eighteen Gallon Recycling Bins for Solid Waste

j.        Authorization to Develop Appendix to Lands Legacy Program Document

The Board will consider authorizing ERCD staff to create a new appendix to the Lands Legacy Program Document (adopted April 4, 200) modifying the farmland preservation section to make it consistent with new State farmland preservation legislation (this appendix was suggested in one of the three "issue papers" presented with the Lands Legacy Action Plan for 2006-08). 

k.      Central Recreation Restroom Up Fits Design

l.        Authorization to Purchase WebEOC Utilizing Existing Grant Funds

The Board will consider authorizing the purchase of an incident management computer software package, called WebEOC, utilizing grant funding and other funds and authorize the Manager and Purchasing Director to sign. 

m.    Authorization to Allocate $80,000 to Support Operational Transition of Club Nova Community, Inc. Under Mental Health Reform

The Board will consider authorizing the release of additional funds in the amount of $80,000 to OPC/LME to further facilitate the divestiture (transfer) of OPC Club Nova to Club Nova Community, Inc. (The formal transfer of management responsibility from OPC occurred in mid-May 2006.)   

n.      The Orchard Subdivision Review Referral

6.  Resolutions or Proclamations

a.         Resolutions Regarding Shearon Harris Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Issues

7.  Special Presentations

a.      Orange County Arts Grant Recipients

The Board will present checks to local artists and arts organizations receiving Spring, 2006 Orange County Arts Grants. 

8.  Public Hearings

a.         Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation (PEMC) Planned Development (PD-OI) and Special Use Permit, Class A

The Board will hold a public hearing to hear public testimony regarding the PEMC request to amend its Planned Development - Office/Institution (PD-OI) zoning district and its Class A Special Use Permit to permit the principal use of a 350-foot replacement tower at its administrative and operations center located at 2500 NC Highway 86 South, Hillsborough. 

b.      Carrboro High School Financing

9.  Items for Decision--Regular Agenda

a.      Comprehensive Plan Update Process

The Board will receive a brief presentation from Planning Staff on revisions to the Planning Board's recommended Draft Comprehensive Plan Update Process and Administration's recommendations for roles and timetable and consider directing County management to pursue the approved Plan Update Process, Roles, and Timelines. 

b.      West Ten Soccer Center Construction Schedule Options

The Board will consider options for completion of West Ten Soccer Center. 

c.      Cultural and Archaeological Survey Policy for Orange County Development Projects

The Board will consider adopting a new policy requiring Cultural and Archaeological Surveys for all Orange County development projects involving ground disturbance. 

d.      Homestead Road Campus Master Plan Approval

e.      Creation of a Tethering Committee

The Board will consider creating a Tethering Committee for the purpose of assessing whether and if so how the County's animal ordinances should be amended in regard to the tethering of dogs and appoint members and provide direction to staff. 

f.       Appointments

(1)  Animal Shelter Design Committee - Charge, Composition and Appointments

The Board will consider making appointments to the Animal Shelter Design Committee. 

(2)         District Elections Education Committee - Appointments

The Board will consider making appointments to the District Election Education Committee. 

10.  Reports

  1. Report on the County's Efforts and Ability to Serve Limited English Proficient (LEP) Populations

The Board will receive a status report regarding LEP populations in Orange County, the County's efforts to serve LEP populations to date, and recommendations to improve service to LEP populations and provide comments or directions to County Staff. 

  1. Draft BOCC District Elections Education Documents

The Board will review and provide comments to staff regarding a draft BOCC District Elections educational brochure and the materials for BOCC District Elections newspaper advertisements that will be circulated to increase public awareness of the November 7, 2006 BOCC District Elections Referendum, provide any comments, and authorize staff to proceed. 

11.  Closed Session

"To discuss the County's position and to instruct the County Manager and County Attorney on the negotiating position regarding the terms of a contract to purchase real property," NCGS 143-318.11(a)(5).

12.  Adjournment

Orange County water supply reservoir water levels

Available information as of 5:00 PM, Friday, September 29, 2006 

Lake Orange 

        Water level remains at 15.5" below full.

        Water storage capacity remaining is 86.7% (410 million gallons)

        Approximately 128 days of water supply remaining (at Capacity Use specified release rate)

        Current Eno River flow at the Hillsborough gage is averaging approximately 4.7 cfs (3.0 million gallons per day).

        Releases from Lake Orange remain at lower than usual levels as the greater portion of instream flow has been natural flow generated by recent rainfall events. 

        Eno River Capacity Use Restrictions at Stage 1 have been in effect since August 5, 2006.

West Fork Reservoir  

        Water level is at 9.6" below full

        Water storage capacity remaining is 97.1%  

        In excess of 300 days of water supply remaining (assuming Town's current daily demand and releases for streamflow augmentation)


OWASA Reservoirs  

        Water level at Cane Creek Reservoir is 30.0" below full

        Water level at University Lake is 23.5" below full

        Total remaining water storage capacity is approximately 85.6%

        Approximately 300 days of water supply remaining (at current 7-day average daily demand [9.5 million gallons per day])


National Weather Service/NOAA Regional Precipitation data (inches above [+] or below [-] normal)


RDU                          Piedmont-Triad 

-6.34" for 2005                        -9.94" for 2005

+4.59" since January 1, 2006                                       +5.63" since January 1, 2006

+4.53" since September 1, 2006                        +2.64" since September 1, 2006


Miscellaneous notes

The NC Drought Management Advisory Council drought map, updated September 26th, shows Orange County - and all of the state with the exception of the extreme southwest corner - to be in an area categorized as normal in terms of rainfall.  


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