Orange County Board of Commissioners

Meeting Agenda
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Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 10, 2007
7:30 p.m. 
F. Gordon Battle Courtroom
106 East Margaret Lane   
Hillsborough, NC

Note: Background Material on all abstracts available in the Clerk's Office

COMPLIANCE WITH THE "AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT" - Interpreter services and/or special sound equipment are available with prior notice.  If you need this assistance, call the County Clerk's office at 732-8181, ext. 2130.  If you are disabled and need assistance, contact the ADA Coordinator at extension 2300 or TDD# 644-3045.  

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON AGENDA ITEMS - is available in the Clerk's office and complete copies of agenda material are located at the Orange County Library in Hillsborough and the Chapel Hill Library in Chapel Hill.  

1.  Additions or Changes to the Agenda


The Board of Commissioners pledges to the citizens of Orange County its respect. The Board asks its citizens to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Board and with fellow citizens.  At any time should any member of the Board or any citizen fail to observe this public charge, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until such time that a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed.  All electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, and computers should please be turned off or set to silent/vibrate.

2.  Proclamations/Resolutions/Special Presentations

a.      Proclamation Recognizing UNC Women's Soccer 2006 NCAA Championship

The Board will consider a proclamation recognizing the UNC women's soccer team for winning the 2006 NCAA Women's National Soccer Championship and authorize the Chair to sign. 

b.      County Government Week Proclamation

The Board will consider proclaiming the week of April 22-28, 2007 as Orange County Government Week and endorse the "Student Government Day" activities and authorize the Chair to sign the proclamation. 

c.      Orange County Senior Games Proclamation

The Board will consider proclaiming the weeks of April 23 - May 17, 2007 as Orange County Senior Gaves Events Days and May 15 - July 28, 2007 as SilverArts days and to encourage residents age 55 and over to participated and the general public to be observers and authorize the Chair to sign the proclamation. 

d.      Public Safety Telecommunicators' Week Proclamation

The Board will consider proclaiming the week of April 8 through 14, 2007, as Public Safety Telecommunicators' Week in Orange County and authorize the Chair to sign the proclamation. 

e.      Resolution of Appreciation for Volunteers Serving on County Advisory Boards and Commissions

The Board will consider a resolution of appreciation for the volunteers who serve on County advisory boards and commissions and authorize the Chair to sign. 

f.       Presentation from Human Services Issues Forum 2006

The Board will receive the final report on the proceedings of the Human Services Issues Forum held on September 16, 2006 by the Human Services Advisory Commission (HSAC). 

3.  Public Comments

(We would appreciate you signing the pad ahead of time so that you are not overlooked.)

a.         Matters not on the Printed Agenda

b.         Matters on the Printed Agenda

(These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.)

4.  Consent Agenda

a.      Minutes - None

b.      Appointments - None

c.       Tax Abstract and Billing Production Agreement Approval

The Board will consider authorizing a one-year agreement with American Solutions for Business for the production of tax abstracts and billings, beginning July 1, 2007 and authorize the Manager to sign. 

d.      Budget Amendment #10

The Board will consider approving budget ordinance amendments for fiscal year 2006-07. 

e.      Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (SAPFO) - Review of Annual Technical Advisory Committee Report

The Board will receive for review the 2007 Annual Report of the SAPFO Technical Advisory Committee (SAPFOTAC) and refer it to the SAPFO partners for comments before certification in mid-June. 

f.        Resolution Supporting a Real Estate Transfer Tax for Orange County and Other North Carolina Counties

The Board will consider approving a resolution supporting a real estate transfer tax for Orange County and other North Carolina counties and authorize the Chair to sign. 

5.  Public Hearings

6.  Regular Agenda

a.      Resolution for Approval of Alternative Financing

The Board will consider adoption of a resolution required for the County to pursue alternative financing for various capital projects. 

b.      County Capital Funding Policy Amendments

The Board will consider amending the County's Capital Funding Policy to include use of the anticipated NC Education Lottery proceeds, intent for funding for recurring capital and presentation of future Capital Investment Plans. 

c.      Orange County Speedway 2007 EMS Coverage Contract

The Board will consider contracting Emergency Medical coverage with Speedway Management for public events at the Orange County Speedway to ensure public safety and authorize the Chair to sign upon review by the County Attorney.   

d.      Robert and Pearl Seymour Center Proposed Programs, Services and Staffing Request

The Board will receive information on the Robert and Pearl Seymour Center proposed function, services, and programs, and a request for approval of hours of operation and a staffing plan. 

e.      West Ten Soccer Center Public Private Partnership

The Board will consider authorizing the County Manager to continue to pursue discussions with Sports Endeavors and other potential partners in the West Ten Soccer Center project. 

7.  Reports

8.  Board Comments

9.  County Manager's Report

10.  Appointments

a.      Northern Transition Area Small Area Plan Implementation Taskforce

The Board will consider making appointment(s) to the Northern Transition Area Small Area Plan Implementation Taskforce. 

11.  Information Items

        Orange County Health Department 2007 Community Health Assessment

The Board will receive information on community health assessment for 2007. 

12.  Closed Session

13.  Adjournment