BOCC Work Session

September 9, 2008

7:30 p.m.

John M. Link Government Services Center
200 S. Cameron Street

Hillsborough, NC



7:30 – 7:40

1. Appointments

a.        Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee – New Appointment

b.        Advisory Board on Aging – New Appointments

c.        Commission for Women – New Appointments

d.        Hyconeechee Regional Library – New Appointment

e.        Joint Orange Chatham Community Action (JOCCA) – New   Appointment

f.          Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee – New Appointment


7:40 – 8:40

  1. Report on the Status of Discussions with Orange County Rescue Squad

8:40– 9:20

  1. Development of 2009-19 Capital Investment Plan (CIP) and FY 2009-10 Annual Operating Budget
    1. BOCC Comment on Past CIP and Annual Operating Budget Processes and Provide Direction for Upcoming Processes
    2. Preliminary Timelines for Development of CIP and Annual Operating Budget
    3. Preliminary FY 2009-10 General Fund Budget Outlook
    4. Manager’s Tentative Plan for Development of Future Departmental Operating Budgets

9:20 – 10:00

  1. Employee Pay and Benefit Update