Orange County Board of Commissioners

Meeting Agenda
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Regular Meeting
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
7:30 p.m. 
Orange Central Senior Center (Adjoining the Triangle SportsPlex)
103 Meadowlands Dr., Hillsborough, NC

Note: Background Material on all abstracts available in the Clerk’s Office

COMPLIANCE WITH THE “AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT” - Interpreter services and/or special sound equipment are available with prior notice.  If you need this assistance, call the County Clerk’s office at 732-8181, ext. 2130.  If you are disabled and need assistance, contact the ADA Coordinator at extension 2300 or TDD# 644-3045.  

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON AGENDA ITEMS - is available in the Clerk’s office and complete copies of agenda material are located at the Orange County Library in Hillsborough and the Chapel Hill Library in Chapel Hill.  

1.  Additions or Changes to the Agenda


The Board of Commissioners pledges to the citizens of Orange County its respect. The Board asks its citizens to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Board and with fellow citizens.  At any time should any member of the Board or any citizen fail to observe this public charge, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until such time that a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed.  All electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, and computers should please be turned off or set to silent/vibrate.

2.  Public Comments

(We would appreciate you signing the pad ahead of time so that you are not overlooked.)

a.         Matters not on the Printed Agenda

b.         Matters on the Printed Agenda

(These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.)

3.  Proclamations/ Resolutions/ Special Presentations

a.      Orange County Arts Grant Recipients

The Board will consider presenting checks to local artists and arts organizations receiving Orange County Arts Grants. 

b.      Resolution Recognizing Achievements of Mrs. Rebecca Clark

The Board will consider recognizing the achievements of lifelong human rights activist and Orange County resident Mrs. Rebecca Clark who passed away on January 3, 2009 and authorize the Chair to sign the resolution. 

c.      2008 N.C. Big Sweep Caroline Parker Outstanding Achievement Award

The Board will consider recognizing Stormwater Resource Officer Terry Hackett of the Planning and Inspections Department, Erosion Control Division as the co-recipient of the 2008 N.C. Big Sweep Caroline Parker Outstanding Achievement Award. 

4.  Consent Agenda

a.      Minutes – None

b.      Appointments

(1)   Human Relations Commission – New Appointments

The Board will consider making new appointments to the Human Relations Commission. 

c.       Proclamation Recognizing UNC Women’s Soccer 2008 NCAA Championship

The Board will consider a proclamation recognizing the UNC women’s soccer team for winning the 2008 NCAA Women’s National Soccer Championship and authorize the Chair to sign. 

d.      Property Value Changes

The Board will consider approving changes made in property values after the 2008 Board of Equalization and Review has adjourned. 

e.      Property Tax Release

The Board will consider adoption of a resolution to release property value related to one (1) request for tax release in accordance with N.C. General Statute 105-381. 

f.        Applications for Property Tax Exemption/Exclusion

The Board will consider three (3) untimely applications for exemption/exclusion from ad valorem taxation for the 2008 tax year. 

g.      Impact Fee Reimbursement – Habitat for Humanity

The Board will consider approving the impact fee reimbursement request from Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, NC, Inc. for $18,000 for six new homes. 

h.      Acquisition of Pre-owned Zamboni for Sportsplex

The Board will consider authorizing the purchase of a pre-owned Zamboni for use at the Triangle Sportsplex at a not-to-exceed cost of $27,500 including delivery; and authorize the Purchasing Director to process the appropriate paperwork. 

i.        Fiscal Year 2008-09 Budget Amendment #5

The Board will consider approving budget, grant and capital project ordinance amendments for fiscal year 2008-09. 

j.        Legal Advertisement for Quarterly Public Hearing – February 23, 2009

The Board will consider approving the legal advertisement for items to be presented at the Board of County Commissioners/Planning Board Quarterly Public Hearing scheduled for February 23, 2009. 

k.      Amendment to the Eno Economic Development District Area Small Area Plan: Revise Definition of “Eno Mixed Use” Proposed Land Use Category

The Board will consider taking action on the amendment of the Eno EDD Area Small Area Plan by revising the definition of the Eno Mixed Use proposed land use category to specify an acreage limit for residential development within the Mixed Use area. 

l.        “Fit Community” Endorsement for The Arc of Orange County

The Board will consider recognizing and affirming the “Fit Community” Grant Endorsement Form as executed by the Chair of the Board of County Commissioners on behalf of, and at the request of the grant applicant, The Arc of Orange County. 

m.    Update Travel Policy Meal Per Diem Reimbursement Rates

The Board will consider amending the travel policy to incorporate a process for maintaining a fair and equitable per diem reimbursement rate for meals while traveling on County business, effective July 1, 2009. 

n.      Capital Project Funding

The Board will consider approving a plan addressing additional funding needs related to the School and County Capital Project Funds by appropriating fund balance of $3.5 million in FY 2008-09 and $2.4 million in FY 2009-10. 

5.  Public Hearings

a.      Orange County Consolidated Housing Plan Update

The Board will consider receiving comments from the public regarding the housing and non-housing needs to be included in the Annual Update of the 2005-2009 Consolidated Housing Plan for Housing and Community Development Programs in Orange County and proposed uses of 2008-2009 HOME funds. 

b.      Review of Zoning Atlas Amendment Petition for Property Located at the Intersection of NC 54 and White Cross Road

The Board will consider taking action on a Planning Board recommendation concerning the review of a rezoning petition submitted by Mr. Vernon Davis to rezone a portion of 4.7 acre parcel of property located at the intersection of NC 54 and White Cross Road from Agricultural Residential to Neighborhood Commercial Two. 

c.      Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment: Hillsborough Area Economic Development District (EDD) Buffer Regulations

The Board will consider rescheduling the public hearing regarding the review of a proposed zoning amendment to the Hillsborough Economic Development District concerning landscaping regulations. 

d.      Zoning Atlas Amendment (Rezoning): Hillsborough Area Economic Development District

The Board will consider rescheduling the public hearing concerning the review of a rezoning petition seeking to rezone several properties within the Hillsborough Economic Development District. 

e.      Zoning Atlas Amendment (Rezoning) – 4115 Old NC 10 (Jones)

The Board will consider rescheduling the public hearing concerning the review of a rezoning petition seeking to rezone 4115 Old NC to from Existing Commercial Five to Rural Residential One. 

6.  Regular Agenda

a.      Recommendations Regarding the Proposed 2008-2009 Secondary Road Construction Program for Orange County

The Board will consider recommendations regarding the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Proposed 2008-20009 Secondary Roads Construction Program for two roads, Ben Wilson road and Jimmy Ed Road. 

b.      UNC/Orange County Landfill Gas Recovery Agreement

The Board will consider discussion and decision on the proposed Agreement for the joint UNC/Orange County Landfill Gas Recovery Project. 

c.      Proposal for Issuance of Capital Project Financing

The Board will consider a proposal for issuance of Capital Project financing to address financing needs related to authorized capital projects. 

d.      Contract with Property Information Management System Software Vendor

The Board will consider approval of a contract with Barry Strock Consulting Associates, Inc. for consulting services to develop vendor agreements, technology deliverables and legal documents between vendors and Orange County for the Property Information Management System project for managing land records and property taxation, and authorize the Chair to sign. 

e.      Review of Proposed Chatham/Orange Joint Planning Task Force

The Board will consider reviewing potential processes, including proposed charge and composition, to establish one new Chatham/Orange Joint Planning Task Force with internal workgroups and , following any revisions, authorize staff to forward the task force proposal to the other jurisdictions for approval and respective appointments. 

f.       Board of Commissioners Meeting Calendar for Year 2009

The Board will consider changing the start time of Board of Commissioners’ meetings for the remainder of the calendar year 2009 from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted), starting March 1, 2009.

7.  Reports

a.      Summer Camp ("Sun Fun Camp") Report

The Board will receive a report and survey that were prepared in response to a request from the Board for Parks and Recreation to provide follow-up information regarding the cancellation of the Sun Fun Camp program in 2008. 

8.  Board Comments (Three Minute Time Limit Per Commissioner)

9.  County Manager’s Report

10.  Appointments

11.  Information Items

12.  Closed Session

13.  Adjournment



Orange County water supply reservoir water levels

Available information as of 12:00 PM, Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lake Orange

  • Water level is full and spilling.  Eno River Capacity Use restrictions have been lifted since   midnight on December 6th.  Reinstatement of restrictions in not anticipated until the beginning of the 2009 dry season.
  • Water storage capacity is at 100% (475 million gallons)
  • Approximately 141 days of water supply remaining (at Capacity Use specified release rate).   
  • The Hillsborough gage indicates that the latest Eno River flows are at approximately 75 cfs (48.5 mgd).  This flow represents a level that is approximately 250% of the historical median flow level (30 cfs) for this day of the year.
  • Orange Alamance has been operating its water plant five days a week (Monday-Friday) with average withdrawals of 300,000 gallons per day.

West Fork Reservoir

  • Water level is full and  spilling
  • Water storage capacity remaining is 100 %  
  • Approximately 368 days of water supply remaining (assuming Town’s current 30 day average water consumption rate (1.15 mgd). 
  • The Town of Hillsborough Town Board currently has no water use restrictions on its customers in effect. 

OWASA Reservoirs

  • Water level at Cane Creek Reservoir is full.
  • Water level at University Lake is full.
  • Total remaining water storage capacity is approximately 100 %
  • Approximately 571 days of water supply remain with no additional rainfall (at the current 30-day average daily demand [6.8 million gallons per day])
  • OWASA’s year-round water conservation requirements are in effect


National Weather Service/NOAA Regional Precipitation data (through 1/28/2009)

(inches above [+] or below [-] normal)


RDU                                                      Piedmont-Triad 

-1.08” since December 1, 2008               -0.39” since December 1, 2008

-1.10” since January 1, 2009                   -0.63” since January 1, 2009

Miscellaneous notes

The NC Drought Management Advisory Council drought map, last updated January 27, 2009, indicates that all of Orange County lies within the area of the state characterized as experiencing no drought conditions.