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Clerk to the Board

The Office of the Clerk to the Board provides direct support for the

Board of County Commissioners


Duties of the County Clerk's Office include the following:

- Post agendas for County Commissioner meetings

- Record minutes of County Commissioner meetings

- Retention of historical minutes of County Commissioner meetings

- Retention of County Ordinances

- Maintain and publish calendar of public meetings

- Provide public notice of meetings

- Coordinate and track volunteer citizen boards and commissions appointed by the BOCC

- Responsible for keeping the County Seal

- Provide communication support to the public and media through news releases

Donna Baker

Detailed listing of duties.


Email all members of the Clerk's Office

Donna Baker - County Clerk, (919) 245-2130
David Hunt - Deputy Clerk\Information Specialist, (919) 245-2126

Thom Freeman - Assistant to the Clerk (boards and commissions, office manager), (919) 245-2125

Donna S. Lloyd - Assistant to the Clerk (records management), (919) 245-2127

Jeanette Jones - Temp, (919) 245-2129

The Clerk's Office is in the Government Services Center, 200 South Cameron Street in Hillsborough, North Carolina and opened weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, except holidays.  Check the Inclement weather page for short term variations in work hours due to weather conditions. 

The main phone number is (919) 245-2130 and the fax number is (919) 644-0246.