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Orange County Master Aging Plan (MAP)

The Master Aging Plan (MAP) is a five year plan that provides comprehensive and coordinated delivery of community services and supports that foster lifelong community engagement and wellbeing to older adults in Orange County. The Department on Aging created its first MAP in 2002 and each new MAP continues to evolve to meet the needs, expectations, and contributions of a growing aging population.

There are a number of exciting new initiatives that are coming out of the 2012-17 Master Aging Plan: Transportion, Music in My Mind Orange County, and the most recent initiative, the Orange County Senior Housing Expo. Read about these initives at the links below, and watch for information about other intiatives coming soon.

This page is intended to make our tools, reports, and initiatives publicly available to assist other counties in the development of a Master Aging Plan and to inform the public about the "endless possibilities" in Orange County. Browse the links below for more information.


2012-2017 Orange County MAP

Orange County Senior Housing Expo

Music in My Mind Orange County Transportation

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MAP: 2012-2017 Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

MAP Toolkit


MAP Year 1 Implementation Plan

MAP Year 1 Implementation Plan Status


MAP Year 2 Implementation Plan

MAP Year 2 Implementation Plan Status


MAP Year 3 Implementation Plan


Click here to access our archive of the 2007-2011 Master Aging Plan


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2014 Senior Housing Expo, Seymour Center, NC, photo collage banner

The Orange County Department on Aging hosted its first Senior Housing Expo on Saturday, October 25, 2014.  The expo was created to educate and inspire local seniors about innovative housing alternatives that are available in the county and those that are in progress.  Intentional communities, universal design, smart technologies, tiny houses, and co-housing models were just a few of the ideas presented.

Browse the links below to learn about the Senior Housing Expo and the Orange County senior-housing movement:

  • Susan Adams: Can Technology Help Support Aging in the Community? Smart phones to smart homes – Technology is all around us. How can it support aging in place?   What is available now and what is around the corner.  How technology can provide safety and peace of mind, even if you are not a rocket scientist.  Security at the expense of privacy, what we need to know before we buy. How to match the right technologies with your needs. 
  • Susan Fowler: Decision-Making in Community: Planning a community and living in community require many decisions.  How do community groups resolve the myriad issues involved in living together – from community design to pets in community (and everything in between)? Come learn about the various options – there’s not just one way.  We’ll discuss a variety of systems and hear about your experience with some of them.
  • Jason Hart: Small, Green, Aging Friendly Home Design:  Aging friendly homes don't have to look like traditional long term care homes. We'll review basic design principles for small homes that live big, methods to reduce energy usage, and discuss how to integrate accessibility and flexibility into a new home or renovation.
  • Cherie Rosemond / Rachel Wilber: What We Have Now and What We Say We Want: Senior Housing in Orange County: Types, Costs, and Availability:  Learn about Orange County’s current senior-designated housing, including care services and costs. Then, learn about new housing models that address the gaps between what we have now and what we say we want in our future.
  • Paul Voss: Hart’s Mill Ecovillage: planning for housing & commitment to aging in community:  A brief overview of the history & current activities of this ecovillage will be presented.  Will also discuss the process leading to a selection of an ownership model for housing units and the emphasis being given to the important topic of aging, declining and dying in the context of a caring & supportive intentional community.

Continue to check back for updated information and resources.

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