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Aging Transitions is a division of the Department on Aging that provides a variety of services and supports for older adults and their families as they face changing health needs, relocations, and other age-related issues.

Explore the menu below to learn more about Aging Transitions Services:

Information Helpline

(919) 968-2087

Aging in Place Supports

Chinese Language Helpline

(919) 259-0232

Long Term Care
Caregiver Support Programs One-Stop-Shop access to low-income services
Options Counseling SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance & Information Program) Counseling
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One-Stop-Shop Brochure - English

One-Stop-Shop Brochure - Chinese

橙郡老年中心 “一站式服务”

One-Stop-Shop Brochure - Spanish

Todo Bajo un Mismo Techo Folleto






Call the helpline at (919) 968-2087 to talk to trained staff about any aging-related issue. We try to find answers to all of your questions and link you to the services that you need. Helpline hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday.

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Call (919) 259-0232 to speak to our staff in Mandarin.

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Caregiver Support Groups: For meeting times at the Seymour and Central Orange Senior Centers, call the Information Helpline or check out the Senior Times and search for "support groups".

Caregivers' Day Out Respite Program: This free program meets every Wednesday from 11am-4pm with a capacity of 10 people. For information about registration call the Information Helpline or Carolyn Jefferson, Caregiver Day Out Coordinator, at (919) 929-1742.

Chinese Peer to Peer Caregiver Support Program: For more information call the Chinese Helpline or click here for a description in Chinese.

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Are you or a loved one facing a transition from independent living to a higher level of care? Trained Options Counselors are available to help you make a plan for these long-term care needs. Call the Information Helpline to make an appointment.

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We offer a number of resources to help older adults live independently, safely, and comfortably in their homes and communities, such as:

Are you experienced in assisting older adults with a variety of services in their homes? Apply to be in our In-Home Directory by completing and returning both forms below (note: $15.00 background check fee):

Call the Information Helpline to learn more about any of these support services.

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The Adult Care Home and Nursing Home Community Advisory Committees conduct site visits at adult care homes, family care homes, and nursing homes in Orange County.

You may also want to explore the following resources:

  1. a site that provides a wealth of long term care information.
  2. Assisted Living Comparison Experts: a searchable site that provides detailed information about assisted living residences in North Carolina.
  3. Nursing Home Compare: compare information about Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing homes throughout the country.
  4. Family Care Homes: a list of family care homes licensed by the State of North Carolina, Department of Health and Human Services.

2014 Long-term Care Quality Service Award:

2014 Long-term Care Quality Service pictured from left to right award recipients from from Acorn Home Care Services, Inc., Carol Woods Retirement Community and Livewell Assisted Living, Inc.

Click here to read about the Long-term Care Quality Service Award and the winners of this year's award and the Long-term Care Learning Collaborative.


Pictured from left to right: Award recipients from Acorn Home Care Services, Inc., Carol Woods Retirement Community and Livewell Assisted Living, Inc.

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Our Senior Centers are your One-Stop-Shop for a variety of financial aid services like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), LIEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program), and Adult Medicaid programs. Call the Information Helpline, (919) 968-2087, to see if you qualify for these programs.

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SHIIP logo

Our SHIIP volunteers help answer questions about Medicare plans, health insurance bills, and long-term care insurance.

To schedule an appointment in Chapel Hill call

(919) 968-2070 or in Hillsborough call (919) 245-2015.


To volunteer with SHIIP, call the Orange County SHIIP Coordinator at (919) 245-4274.

For more information visit
or contact NC SHIIP 1-800-443-9354.

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