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The Transportation Specialist is responsible for building awareness of current transportation services and helping to improve these services for the older adult population.


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Photo of Eileen Apicella, Transportation Specialist, Orange County (NC) Department on Aging

Although the Transportation Specialist will not be providing direct transportation, she is available to help identify transportation options for non-drivers and help with accessing services.


She will advocate for, and work to support, the transportation needs of the older adult community in Orange County.


If you have a transportation need or question, please contact the Department on Aging’s Transportation Help Line (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).


Transportation Help Line:  919-717-1853



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Wheelchair bound senior is assisted onto an OPT bus by the driver and a caregiver.Orange County Public Transportation (OPT)

Providing the Hillsborough Circulator, routes to the Senior Centers, routes between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill (420 route), and medical transportation.

Chapel Hill Transit (CHT)

Buses serving the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and a route between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill (Route 420).

CHT: A Route - MLK Jr. Blvd. / Northside
Service from Southern Human Services to Weiner/Severin. Service from Weiner/Severin to Southern Human Services.


Provides a paratransit service for eligible riders who have physical or mental impairments and a Senior Shuttle that takes all Seniors to shopping areas, the library, and Seymour Center in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area.


Triangle Transit

Regional bus and shuttle services.


A partnership of public transportation agencies to help residents easily find transportation information.


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Check back for special transportation events as they become available.


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Orange County Transportation Guide for Older Adults:

A quick guide of online resources to meet the transportation needs of older adults.

Orange County Townships:

A map of Orange County Townships and the major routes connecting them.

Orange County Transportation Leaders:

A listing of key public officials and transportation leaders with contact information and photographs.

Older female driver giving a "thumbs up" to safe driving.Tips to stay safe on the road:

Growing older doesn't automatically make you a bad driver, but age does bring changes that can affect your driving ability.

Tips to prepare for a sensitive conversation about driving:

If you think that an older family member could be dangerous behind the wheel, it's important to deal with the issue sooner rather than later.

Start Thinking About Transportation Before You Need It

Chapel Hill News article by Eileen Apicella. This article is one of several articles in the Orange County Aging in Community series. To read other Aging in Community articles click here.

Check out this video on how to ride a bus by GoTriangle:


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