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Tax AssessmentGateway Building

The Tax Assessment Division is responsible for identifying, reporting and assigning a value to taxable property. These values are used to ensure equitable taxation across the County.


Interactive Services

  • Property Ownership and History Inquiry (PIN App) - Search tool to provide ownership information for properties. Tool also includes history of property and ownership. Can be used in conjunction with Register of Deeds Document Inquiry to conduct detailed research on property and history. Formerly known as Property Information Search Page.
  • Orange County Interactive GIS Mapping Systems - Interactive mapping system with options for viewing all of Orange County or zooming down to specific parcels.
  • Orange Address Database - The address search offers search by PIN, TMBL, Street Name (with a selection list of all Orange County streets), or Place (with a selection list of subdivisions, condominiums, and common area names).
  • Cross Reference Tool for TMBL and Tract - This tool is provided to assist the public in finding Parcel Identification Numbers (PIN) based on TMBLs or Tracts. Orange County uses the PIN as the official tracking mechanism for all parcels. As of October 1, 2010, Orange County no longer assigns TMBL or Tract numbers to parcels.
  • TAXscribe Online Business Listing - NO CHARGE SERVICE

    Online business listings and listing period extension requests are available at no charge to Orange County businesses through the County’s partnership with TAXscribe.  This convenient and easy-to-use service will save you time and expense in filing your business listings. The service will be open for use on January 1, 2014.

  • Orange County Real Estate Data - This tool provides access to property data for real properties in the County. It allows you to view the County's record of a property’s current physical characteristics.