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Public Market House & River Park

Public Market House, Northwest Elevation, 8/21/07

Simultaneous to the Justice Facility Expansion, Orange County is developing a dedicated, covered Public Market House as well as a River Park.  Both of these features will be inter-connected to the campus and its parking areas, but secluded from vehicular traffic.  The Public Market House will house the County's Farmer's Market.  The River Park will eventually be a component of the Eno River Walk system.




Project Name Public Market House & River Park
Cost Included in the Justice Facility Expansion Cost
Size Approximately 5 acres
Groundbreaking June, 2007
Anticipated Opening Market House: 3/08; River Park, Spring, '09
Architect Corley, Redfoot, Zack, Chapel Hill, NC
General Contractor Bordeaux Construction, Durham, NC


Next Month at a Glance:

The Public Market House is fully operational.



Public Market House, South View, 8/21/07