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Orange County Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation (DEAPR) has divisions in multiple locations.  Office hours are Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm except holidays or during inclement weather.


Director's Office, Natural and Cultural Resources Division, Support Services Division

306A Revere Rd.  Hillsborough, NC  27278

Phone (919) 245-2510 Fax (919) 644-3351

Location Map

Recreation Division

302 West Tryon Street

Hillsborough, NC  27278

Phone (919) 245-2660 Fax (919) 644-3042

Weather Line (919) 245-2669

Location Map

Parks Division

Parks Operations Base

6823 Millhouse Rd.

Chapel Hill, NC  27516

Phone (919) 245-2660 Fax (919) 967-3097

Soil and Water Conservation District Division

306D Revere Rd. Hillsborough, NC  27278

Phone (919) 245-2750 Fax: (919) 732-7559

Location Map


You may reach our offices by the phone numbers listed below.  In addition, staff members that are underlined may be reached through email.


Division Title Staff Phone
Director Department Director David Stancil 919-245-2510
Natural & Cultural Resources      
  Land Conservation Manager Rich Shaw 919-245-2514
  Water Resources Coordinator Tom Davis 919-245-2513
  Cultural Resources
Peter Sandbeck 919-245-2517
  Superintendent Dan Derby 919-967-3766
  Parks Conservation Technician Keith Barnhardt 919-967-3766
  Landscape Technician Randy Church 919-967-3766
  Park Manager,
Little River Regional Park
Mike DiFabio 919-732-5505
  Turfgrass Manager Curt Farmer 919-304-1177
  Parks Operation Supervisor Sharon Kelly 919-967-3766
  Parks Conservation
Patrick Nelson 919-967-3766
  Park Manager,
Eurosport Soccer Center
Kenneth Norkosky 919-304-1177
  Parks Conservation Technician - Little River Park Michelle Pesavento 919-732-5505
  Park Manager,
Cedar Grove Park
Robert Robbins 919-732-6147
  Landscape Technician David Stephens 919-967-3766
  Superintendent Chris Sousa 919-245-2660
  Recreation Manager Lee Barnes 919-245-2668
  Recreation Program Coordinator Amanda High 919-245-2665
  Recreation Manager Molly Fitzsimons 919-245-2663
  Recreation Program Supervisor James Lyon 919-563-1130
  Recreation Program Supervisor Stacy Stanley 919-245-2670
  Open Gym Hot Line   919-245-2667
  Weather Line   919-245-2669
Soil & Water Conservation District      
  USDA-NRCS District Conservationist Brent Bogue 919-245-2751
  Soil Conservationist Gail Hughes 919-245-2753
  Administrative Assistant II Lisa Pope 919-245-2750
  Soil Conservationist Kenny Ray 919-245-2752
  Soil Conservationist Todd Roberts 919-245-2754
Administrative & Support Services Administration    
  Business Officer Ardra Webster 919-245-2660
  Office Assistant Lisa Brashear 919-245-2660
  Special Projects Coordinator Lynn Hecht 919-245-2510
  Support Services    
  Landscape Architect Marabeth Carr 919-245-2516
  Business Operations Coordinator Lori Taft 919-245-2673
  Communications Manager Beth Young 919-245-2518