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Building Inspections

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The Building Inspections Division enforces the mandated NC State Building Code and conducts inspections during construction of buildings, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to ensure code compliance. Inspections issues occupancy permits upon compliance with state building codes and local regulations and issues zoning and building permits. The Inspections Division inspects Foster Homes, Day Care Centers, Family Care Homes and Schools; inspects abandoned structures and takes proper corrective action; and informs contractors of building code changes.

To check on the status of your permit and/or inspections: List of Most Commonly Rejected Items
Brochure for converting from Private Septic to Public Sewer

Building Fees Information for the following:
Building Permit Application Information for the following:   Building Permit Application Forms for the following: Related Web Links: For more information contact the Building Inspections Division of the Orange County Planning and Inspections Department at (919) 245-2600 or (919) 245-2601


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