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Campaign Reporting 2014-2015

Any candidate, referendum committee, or political action committee as defined in N.C. G.S. ยง163-278.6 must register by filing the appropriate organizational forms.


  • Candidates filing and staying under the $1000 threshold are not required to file additional reports.
  • Organizational Reports (first 10-days of campaign activity) are not placed on the web.

2014 Campaign Finance Reports


Gary Kahn

Mid-Year Reports - Due July 25, 2014

Talal Asad

Bethany Chaney

Matt Czajakowski

George Cianciolo

Alice Gordon

Sally Greene

Loren Hintz

Gary Kahn

Mark Kleinschmidt

Lydia Lavelle

Paul Neebe

Maria Palmer

Amy Ryan

Damon Seils

Kurt Stolka

Ignacio Tzoumos (Education Campaign)

Theresa Watson

Jenn Weaver

Second Quarter Reports - Due July 10, 2014

Charles Blackwood

Deborah Brooks - Closed

Mia Day Burroughs

Andy Cagle - Closed

David Caldwell - Amended

Mark Chilton

Larry Faucette

Donnie Harris - Final and Closed (did not file a Notice of Candidacy)

Bonnie Hauser - Declaring Inactive Status

Michael Hood - Closed

Barry Jacobs

Mark Marcoplos

Earl McKee

Sara Stephens - Closed

Keith Webster

First Quarter Plus Reports - Due April 28

Charles Blackwood

Deborah Brooks - Amended

Andy Cagle

David Caldwell

Mark Chilton

Mia Day Burroughs

Larry Faucette - Amended

Bonnie Hauser

Michael Hood

Barry Jacobs

Mark Marcoplos - Amended

Earl McKee

Buddy Parker - Closed

Sara Stephens - Amended (2)

Keith Webster - Amended

Carrboro Bd. of Aldermen Pre-Election Reports - Due April 28

Talal Asad

Bethany Chaney

Theresa Watson - Amended 07/03/14