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Early Voting is also known as "One-Stop No Excuse Voting"

As of 2014, Early Voting days have been reduced by one week.

Early Voting Dates and Hours for

November 4, 2014 General Election

Who may vote early?

Any Orange County registered voter may vote at any One-Stop Early Voting Site.

No voter registration or party changes are allowed during the Early Voting period; however, registered voters may update their address and change vital information on their existing registration during this time.

How Do I Vote Early?

Appear at one of the designated One-Stop Early Voting sites during the Early Voting period.

When Does Early Voting Begin?

As of 2014, Early Voting starts the 2nd Thursday prior to Election Day (12 days before the upcoming Election) and ends on the Saturday prior to Election Day (3 days before the upcoming Election).

Early Voting Results for Previous Elections

Click here if you are interested in receiving your absentee ballot by mail, rather than voting in person.