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Food Service Forms and Applications

Before an operator can prepare and sell food in NC, a Permit for food service most likely will be required. Permits are issued by Environmental Health after a thorough review of menus, plans, and equipment considerations.  If you are in doubt whether the food service you are planning needs a Permit, please contact us. 

Planning a food service establishment? Complete this application and submit it to EH with the plan review fee prior to beginning any construction, installation. or site preparation.


Ready to open a food service establishment? Once construction, installation, and site preparation are almost finished, complete this application and consult the check list for requirements prior to opening.


Taking over an existing establishment or one has been closed for less than a year? Complete this application and submit it to EH with the plan review fee prior to assuming the ownership.


Food trucks, other mobile food units, and push carts? These applications may include further plan review for new trucks and an agreement required from the commissary.


Temporary food for fairs, festivals, and other public exhibitions?  Prior to the event, these applications must be submitted by the organizer of the event and the proposed food establishment with any applicable fees.  Please contact us if you are in doubt whether you need to submit documentation for an exemption. 


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