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Capital Planning

Orange County's Capital Investment Plan (CIP) serves as a annual planning tool to forecast long-range future capital needs for both school districts and the County. This plan examines infrastructure and equipment needs, provides a planning schedule and identifies available financing options for the next five years. It also provides a link between the County's strategic plans and its annual budget.

CIP Documents

The CIP contains the following sections:

  • County capital project budgets and narratives
  • School systems' project budgets and narratives (if available)
  • Supplemental materials (e.g. presentations)


Approved CIPRecommended CIP & Presentation


Approved CIPRecommended CIP

Approved CIP | Recommended CIP

Approved CIP | Recommended CIP & Presentation

Approved CIP

Approved CIP | Recommended CIP

Approved CIP | Recommended CIP Presentation

*A CIP was presented, but only funding for the current pay-as-you capital was approved.


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