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Board of Health Members

Board of Health members must meet certain qualificatons [NCGS 130a-35b)] and are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners from qualified applicants.  Members may serve a maximum of two 3-year terms.  The Board of Health is comprised of 11 members: 1 Commissioner representative, 3 At-Large representatives, and 1 professional representative from each of the following public health fields: Engineering, Dentist, Physician, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Veterinary.


Susan Elmore  Susan Elmore, DVM - Chair

  Veterinarian Representative - term expires 8/2017, 2nd term





Liska Lackey   Liska Lackey , RN - Vice-Chair

 Nurse Representative - term expires 7/2017, 2nd term




Mia Burroughs  Mia Burroughs

  Commissioner Representative




Tony Whitaker  Tony Whitaker, PE

  Engineering Representative - term expires 8/2015, 2nd term




 Michael Carstens           

  Michael Carstens, OD

  Optometrist Representative - term expires 8/2015, 2nd term




Paul Chelminski   Paul Chelminski, MD, MPH

  Physician Representative - term expires 6/2016, 2nd term





Sam Lasris  Sam Lasris, DDS

 Dental Representative - term expires 3/2017, 1st term





Corey Davis

  Corey Davis, JD, MSPH

  At-Large Representative - term expires 6/2015, 1st term





Nick Galvez

 Nick Galvez, PT, MBA, CMA

 At-Large Representative - term expires 6/2015, 1st term






Esther Tabitha Earbin, JD Esther Earbin, JD

At-Large Representative - term expires 9/2017, 1st term





                       Pharmacy Representative