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Board of Health

The Board of Health is the primary policy-making and adjudicatory body for the Health Department and is charged to protect and promote the public health of Orange County.  The Board is mandated by state law and is composed of professionals representing specified health related fields in addition to several at-large members and attend regularly scheduled meetings.  All meetings are open to the public  For additional information please click on the links below. 


Meeting Information

Strategic Plans and Supporting Materials


Local Rules

Board of Health By-Laws

Policies & Procedures

  • Section I:  Board Adopted Policies
    • I.A. Compliance with Public Health Laws/Regulations
    • I.B. Program and Policy Adoption
    • I.C. Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy for Board   Members
    • I.D. Request for Environmental Services and Assessments
    • I.E. Fee and Eligibility Policy
    • I.F.  No Fault Well Repair Fund Policy Rescinded 2013
    • I.G. Community Assessment Policy and Procedures
    • I.H. Community and Public Input Policy
    • I.I. Complaint Policy
    • I.J. Red Flag Policy Rescinded 2013
  • Section II: Board Adoption or Review of Reports and Documents
  • Section III: Board Processes
    • III.A. Operating Procedures
    • III.B. Supplemental Processes
      • III.B.a. Oath of Office
      • III.B.b Orientation and Education for New BOH Members
      • III.B.c. Recruitment and Reappointment Procedures for Members
      • III.B.d. Annual Performance Review Process for Health Director

New Member Orientation Materials