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Upcoming Trainings:

Announcements of upcoming trainings will be sent by mail and e-mail as they are scheduled. Please be on the lookout!

PHRC Emergency Preparedness Bag: Get Yours Today!

This durable bag is imprinted with the PHRC logo and words "VOLUNTEER" and "Emergency Preparedness Kit."  One empty backpack is available for every volunteer to use as a preparedness kit for PHRC deployments and other emergencies.  Bags will be available at trainings and lectures.  You can also pick your bag up from the PHRC office by appointment or request that it be mailed to you. PrepBag Video | PrepBag Picture

We encourage all PHRC volunteers to plan for disasters. Taking time now to get ready may improve the outcome for you and your family after a disaster.  Preparing in advance also increases the chances that you’ll be ready to help respond.  Visit and to learn how you can prepare.


Online Training Opportunities

  • NC Center for Public Health Preparedness

The PHRC has an online training package for volunteers through UNC School of Public Health's Center for Public Health Preparedness. Volunteers can take the following free CE trainings through this site: Incident Command System for Public Health, Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness, Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic, and Embarking on Outbreak Investigation. Courses can be accessed at  Volunteers who complete training should forward their certificate to the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • ICS Training Online

To achieve NIMS compliance, the Public Health Reserve Corps is requiring all volunteers to complete Incident Command System (ICS) training at levels 100, 200, and 700.  Incident Command System training was developed by FEMA for persons involved with emergency planning, response, or recovery efforts.  All PHRC volunteers who plan to assist with local and non-local emergency response should have working knowledge of ICS.  Download our ICS Instruction Sheet to learn how to register and complete all three courses through the FEMA Independent Study website.  

  • Get on the MRC-TRAIN

Take online courses throuigh the MRC's Training Finder Real Time Affiliate Integrated Network (MRC-TRAIN).  The Public Health Reserve Corps has its own MRC-TRAIN Portal called PHRC-TRAIN.  This site has online public health preparedness trainings.  The volunteer coordinator will frequently announce trainings offered through this system.  The MRC-TRAIN has a discussion board, course tracking system, and links to relevant program websites. Registration takes less than 5 minutes. Download the MRC-TRAIN Fact Sheet then go to to get started!  


Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Challenge:

We need more dedicated volunteers to ensure adequate surge capacity during a public health emergency.  We are asking volunteers and community partners to help increase our volunteer base. There are two ways you can participate in the Recruitment Challenge:

1. Schedule a recruitment presentation for your group or workplace

Gather a minimum of 10 people and set a date and time for the volunteer coordinator to come to give her best recruitment pitch. Volunteers who schedule at least 1 presentation will get a prize.

2. Request our Peer Recruitment Kit

Contact the volunteer coordinator to request a recruitment kit (electronic or hardcopy), which has a fact sheet, flyer, recruitment presentation, and registration forms.  Send materials to colleagues and community members who might be interested in joining. Volunteers who forward contact information of at least 4 people to the volunteer coordinator will get a prize.


For more information contact:

Amanda Bartolomeo

Volunteer Coordinator/Sr. Public Health Educator

(919) 245-2388