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Right Size


Why You Should Right-Size Your Portions:

  • Portion sizes have gotten larger over the years
  • Larger portions often mean consuming more calories than you need
  • Portion control is a key factor in achieving a healthy weight

Tips for Right-Sizing Your Portions:

  • Listen to your body’s cues: Your internal signals of hunger and satisfaction can help you eat right, if you listen to them
  • Prepare less food for meals: Large quantities of food make people eat more. If you want leftovers, put them out of sight and out of mind
  • Start with a small serving: Small servings may be exactly what you want and you can always have more if you are still hungry

Helpful Handouts for Right-Sizing Your Portions:


12 Smart Ways to Right-Size Your Portions: There’s no need to give up your favorite foods to manage your weight or improve your health. It's not always WHAT we eat, but HOW MUCH we eat. Read this tip sheet to learn how portion control matters.
SmartSizePortions Smart Size Your Portions: The reality is that food portions are sometimes larger than they should be. This handout shows you how to use your hand as a guide to estimate a smart size portion. Spanish Version
Downsize Serving Size Ten Easy Ways to Downsize Serving Sizes: This handout presents ten simple ways to change how much you eat without giving up on any of your favorite foods.
Right Size ESMM_FullPageAd_English I Will Eat Right-Sized Portions: This empowering poster reminds
us that right sized portions fi ll us up, not out.


For Organizations: If you want to promote this message to a group, download the Right-Size Your Portions Toolkit.

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