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Orange County Youth Tobacco-use Prevention Program

Mobilizing Orange County’s youth to reject tobacco and eliminate youth exposure to secondhand smoke.

Tobacco. Reality. Unfiltered. (TRU) is a state-wide movement for teens and by teens to stay tobacco-free. TRU Teens are peer educators who are empowered to decide what strategies and activities they want to use to take a stand against tobacco use. TRU Peer Educators are well trained on facts about tobacco, media literacy, advocacy, and merchant education. Since 2003, Orange County TRU Teens have been making a difference in their schools and community by leading many tobacco prevention activities.

Orange County TRU peer educators learn to make good choices and take a stand against tobacco by:

  • Learning advocacy skills
  • Educating youth about tobacco prevention at community events
  • Teaching Tobacco 101 information to middle school students and peers
  • Promoting the 100% tobacco free schools policy on their local school grounds
  • Working with youth from across the state
  • Creating tobacco prevention media messages
  • Talking to local store managers about not selling tobacco products to minors

TRU groups meet at the following high schools:

  • Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools
    • Carrboro High School
    • Chapel Hill High School
    • East Chapel High School
  • Orange County Schools
    • Cedar Ridge High School
    • Orange High School

If you're a high school student living in Orange County and you want to become involved in TRU, contact our Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Coordinator for more information:

Coby Austin, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Coordinator

Office: 919-245-2449