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Key Messages

  • Screen time can have an impact on your weight
  • Watching less television creates more free time for family fun

Simple Tips to Taming the Tube

  • Set clear limits on TV time
  • Plan how much TV you and your family are going to watch
  • Eat dinner together as a family without the TV on
  • Instead of watching TV, take a walk after dinner or play ball
  • Don’t keep the TV on all the time, tune into specific shows
  • Set physical activity and TV viewing goals for the week
  • Also limit time spent on computers, hand held video games, and PDAs

Handouts to Help You Tame the Tube

TV Planner
Meal, Exercise, and TV Planner:
This simple chart will help you and your family answer the question of "What's for Dinner?", "How Much Activity?" and "How Much TV?"
Limit TV

Simple Solutions for Less TV: Provides 7 easy ways to reduce the amount of television per day. Spanish Version
Watch Less TV English Limit TV: This handout provides simple solutions to help
individuals and families watch less television.
TV from ESMM FullPageAd_English I Will Watch Less TV: This empowering poster reminds us to turn off the TV or computer and get active instead.
For Organizations: If you want to promote this message to a group, download the Tame the Tube Toolkit.

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