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Tobacco Information and Regulations

Recent Tobacco Regulations

  • Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act: Effective June 22, 2010, tobacco manufacturers are prohibited from producing any tobacco products labeled or advertised as “light,” “low,” or “mild.” This is because many smokers mistakenly believe that these products cause fewer health problems than other cigarettes | Read More

  • North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law: As of January 2, 2010, restaurants and bars in North Carolina and many lodging establishments were required to be smoke-free, thanks to S.L 2009-27 (G. S. 130A-496), otherwise known as North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law | Read More

Health Effects of Tobacco and Secondhand Smoke

For comprehensive information about the health effects of tobacco, please visit the following sites:

Resources for Quitting Tobacco (Cessation)

The following resources have information about quitting tobacco:

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