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Groups Visiting the Library

The Group Visits Policy defines the criteria for visits to the library by schools and other groups.

Library resources are provided for the interest, information, and enjoyment primarily for use by Orange County Residents. On a limited basis, the library offers orientation tours, and programs which promote the use of its resources and the love of literature and libraries. To make resources and services equally available to all patrons, the library provides services to groups within the following criteria:

Group visits must be prearranged at least 2 weeks in advance, with the appropriate department, regardless of the purpose of the visit, to ensure that library staff is prepared to give you a quality experience, and that there are no conflicts with other events that are occurring at the same time. Building capacity, fire code and staffing allocations must all be taken into account.

The Library will schedule appointments for group visits based on a policy of “schedule permitting.” Visits will be scheduled only when sufficient library staff is available to maintain normal library services while providing service to the group.
The Library reserves the right to limit group size to ensure that general library operations are not disrupted, and to make resources and services equally available to all patrons.
Groups will not be scheduled during regularly scheduled library programming events.

The Library reserves the right to limit the number of visits per group per year.

Unscheduled groups will be courteously accommodated when circumstances allow. The Library will inform the leaders of these groups of the Group Visits Policy and ask the groups to pre-schedule their future visits to the Library with the appropriate Department.

Discipline is the responsibility of the group leader. The library requires that the group provide one adult for every 10 children or young adults, who will stay with the group at all times to maintain proper library behavior as outlined in the Library’s Conduct and Courtesy Policy.

This policy applies to organized groups of five or more individuals (adults and/or children), including such groups as those from childcare centers, and homes; nursery schools; local public, charter and private schools; home schoolers; scout groups; day camps; adult education programs; and other institutions and organizations.

Policy approved by Hyconeechee Board on November 9, 2010