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Watch Commissioners' Meetings on Cable 1301

Live Cable Casting and Re-broadcast of Orange County Commissioner Meetings

Residents of Orange County may view Board of County Commissioners’ regular monthly meetings on Time Warner Cable Channel 1301 in the digital tier of service.  Regular meetings are held at the Whitted Building in Hillsborough and the Southern Human Services Center in Chapel Hill.  Meetings from both locations will be replayed on a regular basis at noon and 7:00 p.m. until the next meeting.

For a listing of Board meetings, please click on “Meeting Calendar” on the main Orange County website

Additional Information on Channel 1301

In addition to BOCC meetings, Channel 1301 broadcasts a bulletin board with County information and opportunities.

Cable Ready TV Tip

For residents with cable TV, but no digital converter box, you may be able to receive channel 1301 using a QAM tuner


For additional information regarding government programming on Channel 1301, you may contact Carla Banks, Director of Public Affiars, at

Orange County Government no longer accepts or helps resolve complaints received from Time Warner Cable customers. All complaints from customers must be sent to the Consumer Protection Division of the NC Department of Justice's Attorney General's Office.  For more information, contact the N.C. Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Division, 9001 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-9001. Call: 919-716-6000 or 1-877-566-7226 (1-877-NOSCAM) to obtain a complaint form.


Additional Meeting Source Online with Streaming Video

Orange County Government has improved public access options for viewing Board of County Commissioners’ meetings.  Anyone with a computer and network access can view BOCC regular meetings through streaming video supported by Granicus. 

See the link below for past meetings. 

Archived Videos