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Email messages sent to Orange County Board of Commissioners in response to the proposed Solid Waste District Tax

Emails are not in any particular order.

robtaylor public comment on Rural Curbside Recycling Options, Agenda Item 7-b on Tuesday, 12_10_2013.pdf

robtaylor attachment Public Comment Agenda Item 7b - Rural Curbside Recycling Options.pdf

orcountyvoice Support for Manager's Recommendation on Rural Recycling.pdf

laud9876 District tax, roll out carts.pdf

sbumouse tax.pdf

barryj Fw_ Update from agenda review.pdf

nbwhite rural curb-side recycling.pdf

nbwhite rural recycling.pdf

thorlo04 Website Feedback_ Rurual Recycling Tas.pdf

trlinden Website Feedback_ tax district for curbside recylcing.pdf

theny2003 tax on rural recycling service.pdf

orcountyvoice Rural Recycling and Equity.pdf

orcountyvoice attachment rural recycling equity.pdf

robtaylor public comment on rural recycling service district, 1_23_2014 .pdf

robtaylor attachment Public Comment Agenda Item 7b - Rural Recycling Service District - January 23 2014.pdf

lori Website Feedback_ Trash tax.pdf

seaswalser Rural Recycling and the Proposed District Tax.pdf

pennyrichch last night.pdf

walandrob Website Feedback_ Trash & Recycling.pdf

tbuckner Recycling question.pdf

perdita_holtz Curbside Rural Recycling.pdf

perdita_holtz Curbside Rural Recycling.pdf

peteprocopio Website Feedback_ Solid waste service tax.pdf

debkodros Website Feedback_ pickup.pdf

btotten1 Solid Waste Tax.pdf

tbuckner Claudia Fernandez email.pdf

greentfh Website Feedback_ wasteful recycling.pdf

neighborsunited4action Website Feedback_ Service tax district.pdf

tbuckner Recycling information.pdf

drleete Website Feedback_ Pro- Rural curbside recycling.pdf

byrumh Website Feedback_ Keep curbside recycling.pdf

nbwhite Service District Tax.pdf

nbwhite Service District Tax.pdf

ranchopark Rural Collection Fees.pdf

ranchopark Rural Collection Fees.pdf

klingelsmith99 Website Feedback_ Solid Waste Service Tax District.pdf

gkneeb Two additional questions re_ Recycling.pdf

marydlaw55 Website Feedback_ Proposed Solid Waste Tax.pdf

seanknc Waste_Recycling.pdf