Assembly of Governments

April 29, 2004

7:30 9:30 p.m.

Southern Human Services Center

Chapel Hill, North Carolina




  1. Solid Waste Matters Three Year Solid Waste Plan Update; Proposed Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling Fee (7:30 7:50)


  1. OWASA Water Reuse (7:50 8:05)


  1. Presentation on Report from Council for a Sustainable Community (8:05 8:20)


  1. Air Quality and Biodiesel (8:20 8:35)


  1. Transportation Funding Options (8:35 8:50) (Attachment b)


  1. Update on Work Resulting from Economic Development Summit (Orange County) (8:50 9:05) (Attachment b)


  1. Update on Orange County Land-Use Plan Outreach (Orange County) (9:05 9:15)


  1. Report on Town/County/District Staff Progress on Coordinating School Planning (9:15 9:30)


  1. Informational Items (no presentations)

a.            Parks Update (Southern Community Park, Homestead Aquatics Center, Twin Creeks Park)


b.            Variations In Affordable Housing Requirements And Formulas By Jurisdiction


c.            Carrboro Library Task Force Report


d.            Orange County Animal Shelter


e.            Outstanding County Program Awards (Orange County Solid Waste and Planning)