Orange County Board of Commissioners

Meeting Agenda
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Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
7:30 p.m. 
Southern Human Services Center
2501 Homestead Road    
Chapel Hill, NC

Note: Background Material on all abstracts available in the Clerk's Office

COMPLIANCE WITH THE "AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT" - Interpreter services and/or special sound equipment are available with prior notice.  If you need this assistance, call the County Clerk's office at 732-8181, ext. 2130.  If you are disabled and need assistance, contact the ADA Coordinator at extension 2300 or TDD# 644-3045.  

BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON AGENDA ITEMS - is available in the Clerk's office and complete copies of agenda material are located at the Orange County Library in Hillsborough and the Chapel Hill Library in Chapel Hill.  

1.  Additions or Changes to the Agenda


The Board of Commissioners pledges to the citizens of Orange County its respect. The Board asks its citizens to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Board and with fellow citizens.  At any time should any member of the Board or any citizen fail to observe this public charge, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until such time that a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed.  All electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, and computers should please be turned off or set to silent/vibrate.

2.  Public Comments

(We would appreciate you signing the pad ahead of time so that you are not overlooked.)

a.         Matters not on the Printed Agenda

b.         Matters on the Printed Agenda

(These matters will be considered when the Board addresses that item on the agenda below.)

3.  Proclamations/Resolutions/Special Presentations

a.      National Historic Preservation Month

The Board will consider proclaiming May as National Historic Preservation Month. 

b.      Resolution of Approval - Conservation Easement for the Lee Farm

The Board will consider a resolution to approve the purchase of and acceptance by Orange County of an agricultural conservation easement for the Lee Farm. 

4.  Consent Agenda

a.      Minutes

The Board will consider correcting and/or approving the minutes from April 10, 12, and 13, 2007 as submitted by the Clerk to the Board. 

b.      Appointments

(1)   Advisory Board on Aging - Reappointments

The Board will consider making reappointments to the Advisory Board on Aging. 

(2)   Animal Services Advisory Board - Reappointments

The Board will consider making reappointments to the Animal Services Advisory Board. 

(3)   Hyconeechee Library Board of Trustees - Reappointment

The Board will consider making one reappointment to the Hyconeechee Library Board of Trustees. 

(4)   Information Technology Advisory Committee - Reappointments

The Board will consider making reappointments to the Information Technology Advisory Committee. 

c.       Motor Vehicle Property Tax Release/Refunds

The Board will consider adoption of a refund resolution related to 59 requests for motor vehicle property tax releases or refunds in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes. 

d.      Child Support Attorney Contract

The Board will consider contracting with Coleman, Gledhill, Hargrave and Peek to provide legal representation for the Child Support Office and authorize the Chair to sign.   

e.      Change in BOCC Regular Meeting Schedule for 2007

The Board will consider one change and one clarification in the County Commissioners' regular meeting calendar for year 2007. 

f.        Bid Award: EMS Patient Care Reporting Software

The Board will consider awarding a bid for an EMS Patient Care Reporting Software to ZOLL Data Systems, Inc. of Broomfield, Colorado at a total first year cost of $171,991 and authorize the Purchasing Director to execute the necessary  paperwork and purchase the hardware from the North Carolina State Contract. 

g.      Acceptance of Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Grant for Cultural & Archaeological Survey (New Hope Preserve)

The Board will consider accepting a Historic Preservation Fund grant of $9,000 to offset the cost of a cultural and archaeological survey for Hollow Rock Access Area open space project scheduled for an upcoming joint master plan design and authorize the Manager to sign the contract. 

h.      Application for State Public School Building Capital Funds and NC Education Lottery Monies

The Board will consider approving applications to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to release funds from Orange County's Public School Building Capital Fund an NC Education Lottery account and authorize the Chair to sign.   

i.        Budget Amendment #12

The Board will consider approving budget and school capital project ordinance amendments for fiscal year 2006-07. 

j.        Bid Award: West Ten Soccer Field Construction and Irrigation Project

The Board will consider awarding a bid to Carolina Green Corporation for field construction and irrigation improvements at the West Ten Soccer Complex for an amount not to exceed $539,400; and authorize the Purchasing Director to execute paperwork as may be required. 

5.  Public Hearings

6.  Regular Agenda

a.      Adoption of the Orange County Master Aging Plan: 2007-2011

The Board will consider reviewing, modifying and adopting the Orange County Master Aging Plan (MAP) update covering the period 2007-2011 that was presented to the BOCC on May 3, 2007. 

b.      Allocation of 2001 County Parks Bond Funds to Southern Community Park

The Board will consider appropriating a$925,000 from the 2001 County Parks and Open Space Bond to the Town of Chapel Hill's Southern Community Park for the construction of three soccer fields. 

c.      Justice Facility Expansion Bid Award and Contract Approval

The Board will consider awarding a bid not to exceed $10,076,838 and approving a contract with Bordeaux Construction, Inc., Durham, NC for the 40,227 square foot new construction and renovation of the Orange County Justice Facility; and to approve the withdrawal of a bid without forfeiture of accompanying bid bond from DeVere Construction Company, pursuant to NC GS 143-129.1; and authorize the Manager to execute change orders as may be required and authorize the Chair to sign subject to review by the County Attorney. 

d.      Comprehensive Housing Strategy

The Board will consider the approval of a Comprehensive Housing Strategy prepared for Orange County including the Towns of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough. 

e.      Ten (10) Year Plan to End Homelessness

The Board will consider acceptance of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness in Orange County and the appointment of a BOCC Representative to the Executive Team. 

f.      Planning for Possible School-based Health Center in Orange County School District

The Board will consider participating in consideration of a school-based health center in the Orange County School District and to appoint a liaison to the planning group. 

7.  Reports

a.      Report - Water Resources Program Proposal

The Board will receive a report on the water resources discussions of the Board of Health/Commission for the Environment joint work group and the subsequent Water Resources Program Phased Implementation Proposal. 

b.      SAPFOTAC (Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance Technical Advisory Committee) Class Size Amendment Information

The Board will receive response to questions raised at the March 27, 2007 BOCC meeting regarding amendments to class size ratios and school capacity. 

8.  Board Comments

9.  County Manager's Report

10.  Appointments

a.      Agricultural Preservation Commission - New Appointments

The Board will consider making appointments to the Agricultural Preservation Commission. 

b.      Chapel Hill Planning Board - New Appointment

The Board will consider making one new appointment to the Chapel Hill Planning Board. 

c.      Economic Development Commission - New Appointment

The Board will consider making a new appointment to the Economic Development Commission. 

d.      Human Relations Committee - New Appointments

The Board will consider making appointments to the Human Relation commission (HRC).

11.  Closed Session

12.  Information Items

        Memo from Aging Director to County Manager Regarding Transition of Seniors from Northside to the New Seymour Center

13.  Adjournment

Orange County water supply reservoir water levels

Available information as of 2:00 PM, Thursday, May 10, 2007 

Lake Orange 

  • Water level full and spilling.
  • Water storage capacity remaining is 100% (475 million gallons)
  • Approximately 141 days of water supply remaining (at Capacity Use specified release rate)
  • Current Eno River flow at the Hillsborough gage is averaging approximately 16 cfs (10.3 million gallons per day), which is well below the median flow for this time of year..
  • There are no Eno River Capacity Use Restrictions in effect at this time.

West Fork Reservoir  

  • Water level is full and spilling
  • Water storage capacity remaining is 100%  
  • In excess of 300 days of water supply remaining (assuming Town's current daily demand and releases for streamflow augmentation)

OWASA Reservoirs     

  • Water level at Cane Creek Reservoir is full
  • Water level at University Lake is 11.25" below full
  • Total remaining water storage capacity is approximately 98.6%
  • Approximately 337 days of water supply remaining (at current 7-day average daily demand [9.8 million gallons per day])

National Weather Service/NOAA Regional Precipitation data

(inches above [+] or below [-] normal)

RDU                                                             Piedmont-Triad 

-0.59" since May 1, 2007                        -0.73" since May 1, 2007

    Miscellaneous notes

The NC Drought Management Advisory Council drought map, updated May 8, 2007, shows Orange County to be in the area characterized as "abnormally dry" in terms of drought conditions.  The portion of the state west of Winston-Salem is classified as either "moderate or severe drought".