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The Planning and Inspections Department is divided into eight divisions which have the following fields of expertise:

          In addition to providing leadership, clerical aid, coordination, agenda

          administration, and GIS mapping to the entire department, this division is

          involved in special projects such as the Efland-Mebane Small Area Plan and  


          Includes most of the long-range planning such as the Land Use Element,

          Transportation Planning, and the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

          Deals with most of the short-range planning such as major and minor subdivision 

          regulation, Planned Development and Special Use Permit, Transfer of 

          Development Rights, home occupations, and zoning.

The Engineering Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Efland Sewer System and Lake Orange.  In addition, engineering staff collaborate on other County-constructed infrastructure projects and economic development infrastructure design.

          The Erosion Control Division enforces the Erosion Control, Stormwater, Neuse and

          Jordan Lake Ripirian Buffer portions of the Orange County Unified Development 

          Ordinance and; reviews erosion control plans; issues plan approvals and permits;

          inspects permitted sites; and investigates complaints and unauthorized land


The Planning GIS division (which is part of the Administration and Planning Systems division) is responsible for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping for the Planning Department, census projects and data collection for various planning projects.

The building inspections division enforces the mandated NC State Building Code and conducts inspections during construction of buildings, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to ensure code compliance.

Orange Transportation was established by the Orange County Board of Commissioners to serve the general public and the clients of community services agencies, primarily in rural areas of the County.  The Orange Transportation program offers bus and van services outside the Chapel Hill/Carrboro city limits including planning and coordinating for county residents with transportation needs.