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Zoning and Subdivision Administration

The Current Planning Division is responsible for writing and enforcing zoning and subdivision regulations that are designed both to protect the natural environment and to affect the physical development of lands within the Orange County zoning jurisdiction.

Services include:


Application/Certificate Forms for the following:

  • Day Care Home Application
  • Floodplain Elevation Certificate Form
  • Floodplain Elevation Certificate Instructions
  • General Use District Application
  • Home Occupation Application
  • Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Approval
  • Major Subdivision Concept Plan Approval Application
  • Minor Subdivision Concept Plan Approval Application
  • Minor Subdivision Final Plat Approval Application
  • Planned Development District Application
  • Rezoning Request Checklist
  • Site Plan Approval Application
  • Special Use Permit Class A
  • Surface Water Identification (SWID) Request Form
  • Zoning Atlas Amendment Application



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Persons interested in pursuing a Planned Development Project in Orange County should first read through Planned Development Districts - Article 7 of the Orange County Zoning Ordinance.

Click here for a  Planned Development District Application.

Section 7.1 provides a general overview of the Zoning District,

Section 7.2 defines just what a Planned Development is, the conditions imposed, standards for evaluation, and its time sensitivity,

Section 7.3 establishes the relationship of the Planned Development to other land development regulations,

Section 7.4 establishes where and how Planned Development Districts are permitted,

Section 7.5 sets out procedures for Planned Development submittals,

Sections 7.6 7.7 describes administrative actions after Planned Developments are approved,

Section 7.8 describe how Planned Developments can be revised,

Section 7.9 sets out time limitations on Planned Development amendments,

Section 7.10 places restrictions on permitted uses, and the other sections define the various types of possible Planned Development Districts.

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Persons interested in subdividing their property may want to first become familiar with the Orange County Subdivision Regulations for Major/Minor Subdivisions.

Regulation Definitions for Major/ Minor Subdivisions are listed in Section II.

If you are interested in creating five or fewer lots, including the residual lot, any one of which is less than ten acres from any one tract of land in any ten year period that does not involve the dedication of land for a public street, extend public water distribution lines or public sewage collection mains to serve the individual lots, or require installation of drainage improvements within a dedicated drainage easement or involve vesting of the subdivision for a period greater than one year, then you should focus on the Approval Procedures for Minor Subdivisions found in Section III-C.

The Minor Subdivision application process is a two-step process. The first step is submission of a Concept Plan. The Concept Plan is voluntary and does not necessarily require the services of a registered land surveyor. Click here for the Minor Subdivision Concept Plan application. The second step is submittal of the Final Plat. Click here for the Minor Subdivision Final Plat application.

If you are interested in creating more than five lots in any ten year period, desire to dedicate land for a public road, desire public sewer and water service, or require a drainage easement, then you should focus on the Approval Procedures for Major Subdivisions found in Section III-D. Please pay close attention to the Definition of a Major Subdivision. Depending on the number of proposed lots and the location of the property, the subdivision process may also require a Class “A” Special Use. Click here to access Special Use Permit Regulations - Class “A” text. Check with a planner to determine if the property is located within an “Urban” or a “Rural” Designated future land use

The Major Subdivision application process is a three-step process. The first step is submission of a Concept Plan. Specifications for concept plan documentation are found in Concept Plan Section V-B. Click here for the Major Subdivision Concept Plan Application. The second step is submittal of the Preliminary Plat. Specifications for Preliminary Plat documentation are found in Preliminary Plat Section V-C. Click here for the Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Application. Specifications for Final Plat documentation are found in Final Plat Section V-D.

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Persons interested in pursuing rezoning a parcel in Orange County should read through Zoning Atlas Amendments - Article 20. This is technically a Zoning Atlas Amendment. Click here for a Rezoning Request Checklist.

Click here for a Zoning Atlas Amendment Application form.

Click here for the Zoning Amendment Ordinance - Article 20 text for a rezoning.

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Persons interested in making improvements to their property that may require site plan approval may wish to read through Article 14 – Site Plan Approval Procedures to determine if a formal site plan application will be required. Click here to access the Site Plan Approval Procedures - Article 14 text.

Section 1 contains the intent and applicability provisions,

Section 2 lists the application requirements, and

Section 3 details the review process.

Click here to access the Site Plan Application Checklist.

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Persons interested in applying for a variance should read Section 2.3 of the Orange County Zoning Ordinance. Click here for the Board of Adjustment Section 2.3 text.

Subsection details the evidence that must be substantiated before a variance can be approved.

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Persons interested in existing telecommunication towers in Orange County should click here to view a cell tower site inventory map. If you are interested in co-locating on an existing telecommunications tower, the inventory may assist you in your search. Should you find an acceptable site, please click here to download a building permit application for the appropriate electrical and structural information. Staff will review the building permit for zoning compliance. Please make available on the permit application all other existing co-location antenna owners and their apparent height on the tower.

For new tower applications, please refer to Telecommunications Towers and Equipment - Section 6.18 and the regulations governing Special Use Permit standards for Telecommunications Towers in Section 8.8.17a of the Orange County Zoning Ordinance.

Planning Department staff can approve stealth towers and facilities less than 75 feet in height administratively. Only a building permit is normally required. For facilities greater than 75 feet, but less than 150 feet, a Class “B” Special Use Permit is required. Click here for the specific ordinance text (Special Use Permit Regulations - Arcticle 8) regarding special use permits.

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Persons wishing to install a new sign or modify an existing sign on their property should refer to Article 9 – Signs of the Orange County Zoning Ordinance. Click here to access the Signs - Article 9 text.

Click here for a building permit application to erect or modify an existing sign.

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