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Orange County Planning Department Erosion Control Division Receives Award





ORANGE COUNTY, NC (March 24, 2014)—The Orange County Planning & Inspections Department – Erosion Control Division is the recipient of the 2014 Local Erosion & Sedimentation Control Programs Award.

The award is presented by the State NCDENR Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources (DEMLR) Land Quality Section (LQS), during its conference held in New Bern, NC.

“This award recognizes the outstanding work being conducted by Orange County’s planning staff at all levels of ordinance implementation, plan review, permitting, field monitoring, pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction communication and issue resolution,” said Craig Benedict, director of Planning & Inspections Department.

This honor is also significant because Erosion Control/Stormwater staff, Wesley Poole, Erosion Control Officer II, and Steve Kaltenbach, Erosion Control Officer I, have been short-staffed since their supervisor retired last fall.  With the help of complementary divisions in planning and central permitting coordination procedures, Erosion Control/Stormwater staff was able to continue their good work to the highest of State standards who delegated this authority to the local level.

“Mr. Poole’s long-term commitment to the Erosion Control/Sedimentation and Stormwater field in Orange County is exemplified by his ability to understand, maintain, and ‘dig in’ to the work load over the years and bring in Mr. Haltenbach, who was a quick study, which resulted in successful outcomes,” added Benedict.

Support for the Awards Program is provided by the following agencies:

  • The North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission
  • NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources Land Quality Section
  • The Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina


Erosion Control and Sedimentation is a County-wide service for rural areas and all municipalities through interlocal agreements.  This system of oversight lends itself to consistency and cooperation to manage the environmental impacts of development.


Craig Benedict, Director

Orange County Planning & Inspections Department

Phone: 919.245.2575