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Orange Unified Transportation Board (OUTBoard)

Description:  Orange Unified Transportation Board (OUTBoard), formerly known as the Orange County Unified Transportation Advisory Board  (OCUTAB).  OUTBoard will advise the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and provide information and comments on major transportation issues; and provide the BOCC with recommendations regarding the overall planning and programming of transportation improvements in the County, including:

  • Identify and prioritize the County's roadway and transit needs along with associated costs and specific sources of funding;
  • Assist in development and review of the transportation component of the Comprehensive Plan;
  • Provide recommendations to the Board regarding Federal and State legislation affecting transportation in Orange County; and
  • Explore and make recommendations on Innovative techniques and methods to improve the efficiency and capacity of existing and future transportation systems.

Members: Orange Unified Transportation Board Members

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 Agendas and Minutes:


January 15 Meeting Cancelled
Meeting Cancelled
February 19 Agenda Packet Minutes
March 19 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
April 16

Agenda Packet

May 21 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
June 18 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
August 20 Agenda Packet Minutes
September 17 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
October 15 Agenda Packet Minutes


January 16
February 20 Agenda Packet Minutes
March 20 Agenda Packet Minutes
April 17 Agenda Packet Minutes
May 22

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Meeting Notes
June 19 Agenda Packet Minutes
August 21 Agenda Packet Minutes
September 18 Agenda Packet Minutes
October 16 Agenda Packet Minutes
November 20 MEETING CANCELLED Meeting Cancelled
December 18 Agenda Packet Minutes


January 18
February 15 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
March 21 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
April 18 Agenda Packet Minutes
May 16 Agenda Packet Minutes

June 20

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Meeting Cancelled
July No Scheduled Meeting  
August 15 Agenda Minutes
September 19 Agenda Packet Minutes
October 17 Agenda Packet Minutes
November 21 Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
December 19 Agenda Packet Minutes


For more information contact the Orange County Planning Department at

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