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North Carolina 2040 Plan

The N.C. Board of Transportation adopted an updated long-range transportation plan to help guide the state’s future transportation investments. Called the 2040 Plan, the document provides a 30-year transportation blueprint for the state.

While not project specific, the 2040 Plan stipulates that the N.C. Department of Transportation’s highest priorities are ensuring safety, preserving existing transportation systems, and focusing on services and facilities with statewide significance. The plan further calls for the state to invest in initiatives that promote economic opportunities and allow increased flexibility at the local level.

This comprehensive two-year effort included identifying statewide transportation systems’ resources and needs and working with local governments to identify local transportation needs, all to ensure that North Carolina’s transportation systems remain safe and are less congested and freight keeps moving to enhance the state’s economy. Estimating funding availability over the next 30 years, as well as potential funding sources to help meet the state’s needs, were also part of the 2040 Plan.

The 2040 Plan was prepared by combining technical analysis and public outreach. Detailed information about technical activities that took place during the development of the 2040 Plan can be found in the following reports:  NEW!!


Transportation Projects:

  • Eno Economic Development District Access Management Plan:  As an implementation measure of the Eno Economic Development District (EDD) Area Small Area Plan, an access management plan has been developed for the Eno EDD.  An access management plan is intended to provide better transportation systems and capacities as development proceeds in an area.  Formally adopted transportation access plans are necessary to procure federal and state funding for projects and to require developer action and contribution in providing transportation infrastructure consistent with a master plan. 


The proposed access management plan involves approximately 550 acres of land in the vicinity of US Highway 70 and Old Highway 10 (near Durham County). 

Adopted Eno Economic Development District Access Manangement Plan

Transportation Documents:

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