Weekly In-town Recycling Route Schedule Information


(CH) = Chapel Hill (C) = Carrboro (H) = Hillsborough


FRI Painted Turtle Lane   C
MON Palafox Drive   CH
MON Palmyra Place   CH
THU Palomar Point   C
TUE Park Bluff Court   CH
TUE Park Bluff Drive North   CH
TUE Park Bluff Drive South   CH
TUE Park Place Lane   CH
THU Park Road   CH
FRI Parker Street recycle on N. Greensboro C
TUE Parkridge Avenue   CH
THU Parkside Circle   CH
THU Parkview Crescent   CH
MON Partin Street   CH
FRI Pathway Drive   C
WED Patriot Place   H
WED Patterson Place East and West CH
TUE Patton Place   CH
TUE Pearl Lane   CH
MON Pebble Springs Road   CH
THU Penick Lane   CH
TUE Penny Lane   CH
MON Perkins Drive   CH
MON Perry Creek Drive   CH
FRI Philips Square   C
FRI Phipps Street   C
FRI Piano Street   C
TUE Pickard Lane   CH
WED Piedmont Drive   H
MON Pin Oak Court   CH
MON Pinchot Lane   CH
THU Pine Bluff Trail   CH
FRI Pine Hill Drive   C
THU Pine Lane   CH
FRI Pine Street   C
TUE Pinehurst Drive   CH
WED Piney Lane   H
MON Piney Mountain Road   CH
MON Pitch Pine Lane   CH
THU Pittsboro Street   CH
TUE Plant Road   CH
FRI Pleasant Drive   C
TUE Plum Lane   CH
THU Point Prospect Place   CH
WED Pointe Place   H
WED Pond Lily Court   H
TUE Pope Rd west side only CH
FRI Poplar Ave. Ext. West C
FRI Poplar Avenue East and West C
MON Porter Place   CH
FRI Portsmith Place   CH
WED Powell Street   CH
MON Priestly Creek Drive   CH
THU Primrose Lane   C
THU Prince Street   C
WED Pritchard Avenue (North and Extension) CH
THU Purefoy Road   CH
THU Purple Leaf Place   C
THU Purt-near Lane recycle on Raleigh Rd CH
FRI Quail Roost Drive   C
WED Queen Street East and West H
THU Queen Street   C
FRI Rainbow Drive   C
WED Rainey Avenue   H
THU Raintree Lane   CH
THU Raleigh Road   CH
FRI Randolph Court   C
THU Ransom Street   CH
THU Ransom Street Ext   CH
FRI Raven Lane   C
WED Raynor Street   H
WED Reade Road   CH
FRI Reagan Mead Lane   C
MON Red Bud Lane   CH
MON Red Bud Road   CH
MON Red Cedar Place   CH
WED Red Oak Court   H
THU Red Sunset Place   C
FRI Redfoot Run Road   C
MON Regent Place   CH
WED Regulators Way   H
WED Revere Road   H
FRI Reynard Road   C
WED Rhonda Road   H
FRI Richard Dixon Court   C
FRI Richland Court   C
WED Riddle Avenue   H
TUE Ridge Lane   CH
THU Ridge Road   CH
MON Ridgecrest Drive   CH
TUE Ridgefield Road   CH
TUE Ridgewood Lane   CH
MON Riggsbee Road   CH
WED Riley Avenue   H
MON River Birch Lane   CH
THU River Creek Place   C
THU River Walk Lane   C
THU Riverbirch Point   C
WED Roberson Street   C
WED N. Roberson Street North of Rosemary Street CH
THU N. Roberson Street House numbers: 105, 107,109 CH
THU S. Roberson Street South of Franklin Street CH
WED Robert Court   H
FRI Robert Hunt Drive   C
THU Roberts Street   C
MON Rock Creek Road   CH
FRI Rock Garden Drive   C
FRI Rock Spring Court   C
THU Rocky Brook Trailer Park   C
FRI Rocky Point   C
THU Rocky Ridge Road   CH
FRI Roger Cooke Circle   C
FRI Rogers Road west side of road only C
TUE Rogerson Drive   CH
MON Rolling Road   CH
TUE Roosevelt Drive   CH
TUE Roper Lane   CH
TUE Rose Lane   CH
THU Rose Walk Lane   C
TUE Rosemary Street Extended Extended CH
TUE Rosemary Street, East East CH
WED Rosemary Street, West West CH
MON Rosewood Court   CH
THU Rossburn Way   C & CH
TUE Rother Lane   CH
THU Round Hill Road   CH
MON Roundtree Road   CH
MON Rowe Road   CH
FRI Ruskin Drive   C
THU Ruth Street   C
MON Saddle Ridge Road   CH
MON Sage Road   CH
MON San Juan Drive   CH
MON San Mateo Place   CH
MON San Miguel Place   CH
MON San Sophia Drive   CH
WED Sand Court   H
TUE Sandy Creek Trail   CH
FRI Sarita Lane   C
WED Savannah Court   H
FRI Savannah Terrace   CH
TUE Scarlett Drive   CH
WED School Lane (serviced on Church Street) CH
WED Scotsburg Trail   H
FRI Seawell School Road   CH
MON Sedgefield Drive   CH
MON Seminole Drive   CH
TUE Senlac Road   CH
WED Severin Street   CH
FRI Shadow Ridge Place   C
THU Shady Lane   CH
MON Shady Lawn Court   CH
MON Shady Lawn Road   CH
MON Shady Lawn Road Ext   CH
TUE Sharon Road   CH
FRI Sharp Street   C
TUE Sheffield Circle   CH
FRI Shelton Street   C
WED Sherwood Lane   H
MON Shirley Court (place bins on Old Oxford Rd. East) CH
WED Short Street   H
WED Short Street   CH
FRI Short Street   C
MON Sierra Drive   CH
MON Silo Drive   CH
MON Silver Cedar Lane   CH
MON Silver Creek Trail   CH
MON Silver Glade   CH
TUE Simmerville Road   CH
FRI Simpson Street   C
FRI Skye Drive   C
WED Smallwood Court   H
THU Smith Avenue   CH
THU Smith Level Road inside city limits only C
MON Somerset Drive   CH
MON Somersview Drive   CH
MON Sonoma Way   CH
THU Songbird Lane   CH
THU Sourwood Circle   CH
THU Sourwood Drive   CH
WED South Street   H
TUE Spaight Alley   CH
TUE Sparrow Trail   CH
MON Spencer Court   CH
THU Spring Dell Lane   CH
TUE Spring Lane   CH
WED Spring Street   H
FRI Spring Valley Drive   C
TUE Springdale Way   CH
MON Springview Trail   CH
TUE Spruce Street   CH
WED Spruce Street   H
TUE Sprunt Street   CH
TUE St. Andrews Place   CH
THU St. James Place   CH
MON St. Louis Place   CH
THU St. Marys Road inside city limits only H
FRI Stable Road   C
FRI Staffield Lane   C
TUE Stagecoach Road   CH
TUE Stancell Drive   CH
TUE Standish Drive   CH
WED Starlite Drive   C
MON Stateside Drive   CH
MON Stayman Circle   CH
MON Steeplechase Drive   CH
WED Stephens Street   CH
FRI Sterling Bridge Road   C
MON Stewart Place   CH
WED Stinson Street Ext.   CH
WED Stinson Street, West West CH
FRI Stratford Drive   C
FRI Strowd Lane   C
FRI Sudbury Lane   C
FRI Sue Ann Court   C
FRI Suffolk Place   C
TUE Sugarberry Road   CH
MON Sully Court (place bins on Old Oxford Rd. East) CH
MON Summerlin Drive   CH
WED Summit Drive   H
MON Sundance Place   CH
MON Sunrise Drive   CH
WED Sunrise Lane   CH
WED Sunset Circle   H
FRI Sunset Creek Circle   C
WED Sunset Drive   CH
FRI Sunset Ridge Lane   C
MON Surry Road   CH
MON Sutton Place   CH
THU Sweet Bay Place   C
WED Sweet Gum Drive   H
MON Sweeten Creek Road   CH
MON Swift Run   CH
WED Sycamore Drive   CH
WED Sykes Street   CH