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Financing & Budgeting

The landfill fund has remained an enterprise fund since beginning in 1972 and as such is not part of the County's general fund. Tipping fees provide 48% of revenues with recycling fees (3R) fees providing another 34%. A combination of recycling and mulch sales, grants, interest income and other sources providing the remainder (see graph below). Expenditures are not only for operating the landfill but also fund a county-wide recycling program, a variety of environmental monitoring and protection programs at the landfill, education and outreach services, and planning for future solid waste management.

Department Budget

Budget 2006-2007

dept expenditures piegraph

dept revenue piegraph

Breakdown by Division

2006-2007 Orange County Solid Waste Management Department Budget by Division

admin budget piegraph
landfill budget piegraph
recycling budget piegraph