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Vehicle Tax Block

Tax bills for Registered Motor Vehicles are mailed the month before they are due, and they become delinquent 30 days after the due date. Once they are delinquent, they are subject to enforced collection methods including wage garnishment, bank attachment, rent attachment and sheriff’s levy.

However, they are also subject to another method of enforced collection. On the 4th month after the bill is past due, a block is placed against the renewal of the license tag, and this block remains in effect until the taxes are paid in full.

When payment is made in person, the taxpayer is given an MAV-2 Form in addition to the tax receipt. This MAV-2 Form must be presented to the NCDMV clerk at the time of renewal in order to remove the block. If the payment is made by mail or credit card, the taxpayer may contact us to remove the block electronically before going to the NCDMV license plate agency.