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Captain Archie Daniel   (919) 644-3050

When a citizen reports a crime most often a patrol deputy is the first to respond to the incident. If the responding patrol deputy cannot resolve the reported case it is referred to an investigator.

If the responding patrol deputy finds it necessary an investigator is immediately called to the scene of the incident

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is comprised of 11 full time certified deputies. The investigators are veteran deputies who have experience and extensive training in investigation techniques. Their primary duty is to provide in-depth investigation of cases.

Investigators are designated the duty and responsibility of case and crime scene management. Through their training in criminal investigation techniques they have the experience to approach the crime in a systematic method to bring the case to a conclusion. Our investigators analyze large quantities of information, establish leads and purse those leads through contacting and questioning victims, witnesses and potential perpetrators.

Our investigators have completed comprehensive instruction in death, arson, fraud, larceny, burglary sex crimes, cyber crime and juvenile investigations.  Investigators have attended the University of Tennessee National Forensic Institute for Death Investigation, Homeland Security Training in Alabama, New Mexico and Nevada. Six of our investigators are the only law enforcement certified Hazardous Materials technicians in the county.

Two investigators are assigned full time duty to investigate controlled substance violations. These investigators have the responsibility to follow up on any complaint or information provided by citizens or law enforcement. These investigators have the responsibility of apprehension and arrest of persons possessing illegal controlled substance with intent to sell or distribute. These two investigators in 2005 working with local, federal and state agencies were able to confiscated 450 pounds of cocaine, 500 pounds of marihuana, 3 pounds of methamphetamine and 25 pounds of heroin. The drugs confiscated in these seizures had a street value of 49,062,500 million dollars. The investigators in these seizures arrested twenty individuals. All of the cases were accepted for trail in US Middle District Court.

During 2006 105 arrests were made and a total value of $ 561,000 were seized. 4 of the 105 cases were accepted and tried in US Middle District court. The defendants tried in Federal Court received from life to a maximum of 50 years.

In 2006 1739 cases were assigned to our investigators. Of the 1739 cases assigned 15 were major crimes murder, rape and robbery Of the 15 cases 10 were closed by arrest for a total of 67% clearance rate.

In 2006, 319 burglaries were reported and assigned to investigators. In Orange County burglaries are down from 2005. This past year we averaged less than 1 burglary a day.

Our Juvenile Crime Investigators investigate and maintain records for undisciplined, dependent, and abused juveniles who are victims or suspects in cases reported.

In North Carolina anyone under the age 18 is considered a juvenile, We have two investigators assigned fulltime to juvenile related investigations and assisted, when needed, by other trained personnel.

In 2006, 234 cases were assigned to our Juvenile Investigators; cases, which were investigated by our other investigators, are not included in the number of cases assigned specifically to juvenile investigators. These cases involved child sexual abuse, child physical abuse to juvenile run-a ways from home cases. Issuing juvenile petitions cleared most of these cases or in case of run-a ways these were located and returned home. Some of the run-a way cases resulted in petitions being issued.

A total of 35 juvenile cases were unfounded by the Department of Social Services or Juvenile Services as not prosecutable.

A total of 141 juvenile related cases were reported to us for investigation by victims or referral to us from the Juvenile Justice Office, Department of Social Services, Schools and Patrol Deputies.

The Investigation Division not only works to solve crimes that have been committed within Orange County, but also serves as an outreach of the Sheriff’s Office.


****When stolen, lost, or recovered property is obtained by the Sheriff's Office, it is packaged, labeled, sealed, and turned in to our Evidence technician.  You can find out more information regarding property in our Property Division.

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