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  • The patrol concept for law enforcement began many years ago when untrained merchants and residents volunteered their time to walk at night in groups to protect their businesses and their neighbor’s property.
  • Organized police patrol can be traced back to 1829, in England. When guards were employed, by businesses, for many things, such as shipping and manufacturing security.  
  • Sir Robert Peele, Home Secretary in England, at that time, lobbied the Parliament for an organized police force, under government control. Thus, the Metropolitan Police Act evolved and is still in effect today.  The "Metropolitan London Police" was formed and "walking beats" were put in place, with “Bobbies” walking those patrol beats.  The English Police, then and now, are called  “Bobbies" due to the efforts of Sir Robert Peele.
  • Patrol has evolved, from this beginning in time of walking beats, to a highly trained and organized group of individuals taught and trained in tactics and methods of police patrol, to deter and prevent crime.  These officers are devoted to their jobs on a full time basis and continuously strive for the professionalism, integrity and effectiveness that patrol work requires. A Sheriff's patrol deputy is, in essence, the "backbone" of law enforcement, in Orange County. 
    • Our deputies continue to surpass prior records and achievements in training, crime prevention, crime reduction, and community awareness.  
    • Our Deputies conduct their patrols both proactively and reactively. Not only do you see a Deputy Sheriff riding throughout the county being visible (proactive) and responding to calls for service and fulfilling prescribed objectives (reactive). You might see Patrol Deputies "stationary" in driveways or parking lots and going in and out of buildings, homes, and businesses, throughout the county, creating a rapport with the community and its members. You may also see Patrol Deputies performing a Home Security Check, when Citizens are away from their home, on vacation. 
      • How to call and ask for a House Check is provided in our Crime Prevention Section.
    • Our Patrol Deputies conduct follow-up interviews, with victims and witnesses, bringing investigations to a conclusion, which is a part of reactive patrol, but still plays a very active part in law enforcement.  
  • The Sheriff’s Department and its’ Patrol Division's main purpose is to serve the public while protecting and defending lives and property. The department is also dedicated to the prevention and repression of criminal and delinquent behavior, identification, apprehension of and conviction of offenders, traffic flow and collision reduction, and the maintenance of order and public peace.
    • We endeavor, daily, to protect life and property against wanton attack. We enforce laws, ordinances and regulations fairly and impartially, keeping in mind the rights of every citizen to live in peace.  

      In essence, the patrol car remains to be a mobile Sheriff’s Department. All of our cars are outfitted with radio, lights, rescue, restraining, and clerical equipment.  
  • Our Patrol Deputies work twelve (12) hour shifts, covering 409 sq. miles in the county and more than 128,000 residents. We also protect more than 355 Orange County businesses.
  • As our patrol vehicles move back and forth throughout municipalities, in the County, they are continually on patrol providing additional patrol coverage inside the 3 municipalities, as they do in the county.
  • We have divided the county into 5 major areas for patrol and there is always a patrol car in each of the 5 areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our monthly patrol mileage varies from 112,000 to 130,000 plus. Yearly, we patrol more than 1,500,000 miles.  
  • We provide additional coverage during peak call hours by "flexing" deputies to work the hours needed for immediate response in the south, middle and northern portions of the county. There is also a Patrol Supervisor available to respond to calls for service.



Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass
Orange County Sheriff's Department
106 E. Margaret Lane
Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 644-3050 or (919) 942-6300